There is no textbook teaching. This report is exclusively for class 10 and All children of classes Foundation to 12 are provided with breakfast and lunch in school. These exhibits of the children’s work keeps changing every week, and there are regular exhibitions of class-wise art work. The promotion criteria is also used to determine subject choices given by Vasant Valley School to students in Class XI. Samuhik Kahani Lekhan Pratiyogita for class 10 16th May,

The junior school has its own set of workbooks to supplement the learning process. This ensures constant revision for the student and enables her to be more thorough. In the “playroom” children from nursery to class 2 spend time simulating real life situations – running a home, going shopping, pursuing professions – or merely playing. Several programmes in school integrate latest developments and technology into the curriculum. Find information on the educational system which existed 25 years back in India and compare it with the present system.

Children must wear black, rubber soled, shoes of running material that allows air circulation to keep the feet dry through the school day. Safdarjung Enclave — Green Field School.

Maroon sweaters are worn over the regular school uniform in winter. Anand Niketan Motilal College.

vasant valley senior school homework

Owner, Vasant Valley Public School. School timings for the month of January are from 9: My Child Portfolio Form. Children must carry only water in their bottles. Together by Jane Simmons 1. These professional organisations give higher quality training and improved inputs.


Any change in the child’s routine mode of returning home must be notified to the class teacher in writing.

Competing only in selected sports helps children to concentrate and excel in their specialized sport. Current City and Hometown. Name some of them. Competitions, quizzes, seminars, festival celebrations, talks by eminent personalities – and of course, examinations – are all planned at the beginning of the year as part of the curriculum and judiciously timed so as to reinforce the concepts that are currently being learnt in class.

vasant valley school homework

Why do you think the maliks were able to use the power of the state to advance their own interests? Vasant Kunj C — 9. The academic curriculum at Bloom is based on wisdom. Each subject area is further subdivided into categories relevant to that subject to make the process more accurate.

In ohmework “playroom” children from nursery to class 2 spend time simulating real life situations – running a home, going shopping, pursuing professions – or merely playing.

Complete the given worksheet on metals and non metals. Students continuing to study in India need to write the CBSE, Students with different potential can choose the board that caters to their abilities. Vasant Valley Knowledge Centre.

Some of these programmes are: TOP Homework Junior school children get no homework except during the weekends – so that there is no break in the link of what they have learnt in school. Thus all students get opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Obtaining Homewrok of the Evaluated Answer Book s 3. What are the School Timings? When do I need to check my child’s diary?


vasant valley school homework

You can also depict your ideas in a pictorial format Vallry the junior school, though there is a balanced mix of academic and non-academic subjects, children do spend more time than senior school students on subjects such as visual arts, performing arts and sports. All these are available in the school uniform shop.

School Foundation Day Celebrations. Just as Class Activity is the weekly forum for displaying what was learnt homeork the performing arts, for the visual arts, the forum is the exhibition room and the display areas at the entrances to the two buildings. Chittranjan Park Bus Stand.

vasant valley senior school homework

In the senior school too very little homework is given – in Mathematics daily and in other subjects according to a prescribed weekly schedule.