Who mentioned a conspiracy? His advice is hilarious, heartwarming, and memorable. You don’t need to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. His 9 points presentation in his Honorary degree as Doctor of Letters demonstrated his awareness of how science and the arts are complementary and it all became clear to me! So, in all this, one can only share in hopes of creating a chain reaction of realizing the worth of words here.

David Fierstien on Russiagate — Some insigh…. The upper bound is given by the A1T scenario, the lower bound by the A1B scenario. Fiction Free Audio Books: The problem the climate deniers have is the same one the moon landing deniers. Diane Overcash on 23rd of March Well said, Tim. We tend to generate false dichotomies, then try to argue one point using two entirely different sets of assumptions, like two tennis players trying to win a match by hitting beautifully executed shots from either end of separate tennis courts. Archive All posts by date.

Better than cleaning toilets and slightly more intellectually rewarding Like Like.

Nine life lessons from a graduate | University News : The University of Western Australia

Where are our Lizard Overlords? Thank you for this. Markus on 19th of February I like this stuff.


uwa graduation speech tim

Luciana on 16th of June Muito bom, como sempre. David Laven on 11th uuwa March Splendid. The inflammation of such a mental state is some times a daunting task to control and refocus. Still, while I am certain you and I would disagree on plenty, this was a wonderful speech and I am pleased to be able to share it with others…including my sons on their way up…and my mother, a teacher, who has lived this all of her life….

Tim Minchin · Occasional Address

Andy September 30, at 4: And let me assure you, there is none. Archive All posts by date. Have a nice day.

uwa graduation speech tim

We value your contribution. Or maybe, like you say, a secret agent crept in during the night.

Tim Minchin – an inspirational speech to graduates

The bars at the right hand side of the graph show the full range given for for each assessment report. Should we trust science? Your own premise is unsupportable. Who is in charge?

uwa graduation speech tim

tkm The arts and sciences need to work together to improve how knowledge is communicated. Then we become disgruntled with others over slight differences or oblivious to the grand scheme of things.

Hey Cedric, the SPM was released first. Come on, admit it Like Like. Annual means are used. I do agree that the anus needs to be examined on a regular basis, especially for a male over 45, for a regular Prostate check up.


Americans on talent shows always talk about their dreams. Andy October 2, at 9: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by speecb. This stunt must have been incredibly hard to pull off. I made the best of everything that presented itself, but had no dreams. Keegan Ennis on 16th of September I am nineteen years old and was dealing with extreme existential dread, this speech helped me learn that I can be grateful instead of afraid all the time.

Mohammad Alfarah on 29th of November Well done well said, please do more of that youre amazing. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This site uses cookies. Identify your biases, your prejudices, your privileges. Fiction Free Audio Books: Ah, just to hear these things so eloquently put out into the universe.