Non-operational capital expenditure expenditure on new and replacement assets which are not system assets, such as IT and property in DPCR5 is eight per cent above the Ofgem allowance largely due to expenditure on IT separation from, the previous owner and on the Business Transformation project. Therefore, I am pleased that our final business plan aims to maintain UK Power Networks average prices as the lowest of the network groups in Great Britain. Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction. However, we also recognise that labour costs in some of this region tend to be lower than the national average. Our results show significant improvements,.

Delivering for our customers Our to business plan Delivering for our customers Our to business plan 2nd December South East Water Delivering for our customers Our to business plan Priorities Service Outcomes Performance Incentives More information. CKG also has investments in electricity distribution networks in Australia and New Zealand, and in gas distribution networks, renewable energy power transmission and water businesses in Australia. These ongoing efficiencies have been reflected in our forecast capital and operating expenditure forecasts and are also set out Figure 8. We are therefore proposing to undertake four network reinforcement schemes, forecast to cost around Since , we have incorporated within our engagement an extensive programme of consultation on all aspects of our to business plan to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders and deliver value for money over the long term. Unit costs are down by more than ten per cent on average, smart savings of million are included, and overheads are broadly flat against an increased workload.

Find out more here: We are proposing to improve the level of services we provide to our customers served by the central London network through the establishment of two central London operational depots, a 24 hour manned fault response service, removal of technical constraints and removal of service constraints.

UK Power Networks Business plan (2015 to 2023) Executive summary

Maintain LPN s position as having the lowest level of customer interruptions and customer minutes lost in the UK targeting 23 CIs 7 per cent improvement and 30 CMLs 8 per cent improvement for unplanned interruptions We have included an on-going productivity estimate of 1.


CEO Overview 3 Section 2: It is well-justified through a robust process including comprehensive stakeholder engagement Section 7It delivers the outputs that our customers, stakeholders and our regulator expect from us, and often exceeds the expected regulatory targets Section 4Our proposed expenditure is efficient and prudent, and reflects savings from innovation Section 5Our financing proposals reflect the market and are efficient, and our revenues and prices deliver value for our customers Section 6and We propose a balanced approach to deal with uncertainty and risk Section Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 march Portsmouth Water Limited, a supplier of water to Hampshire and West Sussex, announced its results for the year to 31 March London Power Networks Improved London operational response the expectations of stakeholders regarding operational network performance are higher in the UK s capital city London than our other network distribution areas.

Data sources and methodology 1. Business plan highlights 8.

Document Library – RIIO ED1 Revised Business Plan

We have adjusted the unit costs underpinning SPN s to expenditure forecasts to reflect the regional cost differences associated with undertaking the investment required to deliver our output commitments to customers served by this network.

Fromagree and publish a service development plan with associated key performance indicators Little for project commissioned by Ofgem More information. Major activities More information. Non Traditional Business Models: In Decemberthe Secretary of State for More information. From Q3commence the introduction of new online services for customers requiring new or altered metered services and all customers requiring unmetered connections.

Our business plan for The efficiency scores calculated by the models are shown in Figure 7. Summary The purpose of these Rules is to provide a framework the collection More information.

UK Power Networks – Business Plan

We introduced a simple and clear strategy to address this underperformance based on achieving upper third performance relative to other UK DNOs by under three key headings: This is the first update incorporating further developments in our thinking on capacity planning and More information. Respected corporate citizen high quality of supply, reliability, customer service and social responsibilitySustainably cost efficient delivering our outputs at lower cost and busineess the transition to a low carbon economyand Employer of choice delivering excellent safety performance and high levels of employee engagement.


Smart Meters Executive Paper Smart Meters Executive Paper Smart infrastructure overview The ever growing global demand for energy, combined with increasing scarcity of resources and the threat of climate change, have prompted governments More information.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

We are planning to spend plqn. Figure 6 shows our forecast load growth across all three of our licence areas. Cookies on our website.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Capital investment, deliverability and associated outputs 4 2. The final proposals are challenging and require us to ykpn further efficiency savings against our business plan. Southern Power Networks Regional cost adjustment factors in SPN, through bottom up detailed cost analysis and established RIIO-GD1 and T1 top down regional cost adjustment methodologies, we have identified and justified 11 million per annum of additional cost items.

Bsuiness network services Long-term trends in prices and costs Contents Executive summary 3 Background 4 Trends in network prices and service 6 Trends in underlying network costs 11 Executive summary. Publish a strategy to explain how smart meters can be used to reduce fuel poverty The purpose of this report. Draft for consultation Eastern network business plan for to As a result we have decided not to apply any regional cost adjustment to our EPN network cost base.

Transport and travelling congestion charges, parking and site access. Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan