While applying to SJSU I was wondering how did you find out about your evaluation? It bears repeating that the College of Graduate Studies staff reads and edits only portions of the manuscript, but it is expected that errors of the kinds indicated be corrected throughout the manuscript. I would suggest you to send both. I have not sent in my app yet though, which I feel is going to hurt me a lot. I turned in my app Oct 25th. If you turned it in on October 25th

It gives me hope that I will too get in somewhere. Anyone have any suggestions of schools to apply to, what do you think my chances are? You can find more information on schools at www. Job title, keywords, or company. If she mostly gave you 3, 4, and 5’s and if she checked on the “recommended” and not the “do not recommend” portion at the end, then I wouldn’t worry.

Job title, keywords, or company. So, you should be hearing from them in between 3rd week Jan-2nd week Feb.

I mentioned my stats before too. Hopefully that’s enough realistic experience. Seabiscuit in Austin, Texas 80 months ago. Regarding low to afford? It is strongly recommended.

I have mailed the CS dept regarding this, but have got NO reply from them yet Can someone here pls help ifnormation out at the earliest. All content is user created. Congrats to everyone that has been accepted!!

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Also, it wasn’t her job to rate me, so she might have felt annoyed by it The thesis will be read and returned to the student with an assessment by the staff from College of Graduate Studies as accepted without corrections, provisionally accepted with corrections, or not accepted. Just wondering what the stats are for the previous years. Self-reported academic qualifications on the CSU Application for Admission Official transcripts Official test scores Therefore, for an appeal to an admission decision to have merit, it must bring to light new academic information.


Seabiscuit in Anaheim, California said: Well, hopefully we find out tomorrow! Your stat is similar to mine so i just wonder. OK i’m not sure why Indeed said that I was in Austin earlier I did not find them anywhere mentioning about this even checked the CSUMentor I have another question on the Post-Secondary Education Document Requirements mentioned for Indian applicants at this page – http: Letters of recommendation and personal statements or essays are not considered in the admission selection process at SJSU and cannot be submitted as part of your appeal.

I’d say these schools in AZ are a bit less competitive than schools in CA ie.

sjsu thesis information packet

Newbie in Canyon Country, California 79 months ago. I’m extremely eager to start!! Did you end up trying to infprmation for SJSU or no? If you were not offered admission, or if your application was withdrawn because you missed a deadline, it is unlikely that our decision will be reversed on appeal. Additionally, if CSUDH was the only school you were going to apply for and you didn’t write an essay, you are going to have to write a pacekt essay when you apply to SJSU.


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But as u pointed out, they need University marksheets and not transcripts although both show same numbers!! To try to aim for the school’s ACT requirement of 23 zjsu above, you should try to take the ACT as many times as you can. A word of advice to everyone since it seems like so many people have “similar stats”, really try to get good references and write a good essay to where ever you apply, especially since SJSU and CSUDH do not conduct interviews!

sjsu thesis information packet

What do you think helped you the most to stand out? Deadline dates for submission may be found at http: Tracy in San Jose, California said: I guess they are less willing to accept people in a hospital because they have all the help they need? Find out about SJSU. If you have a complaint about any unformation on Indeed, please contact Customer Support.

sjsu thesis information packet