It looks like new still and I have always used the dishwasher to clean it. We contacted our Saladmaster rep, and he sent us a brand new saucepan to replace the handle! They have not warped, discolored and the handles are still in perfect condition. The steamer-strainer pan is very important for steaming ground beef the steamed ground beef allows the grease to fall into the boiling water below; which is discarded. I’m so glad I did.

I have 3 daughters and they are fighting over who gets them!!! I asked for my account be refunded. Thinking on your feet. The initial investment to join Saladmaster is minimal — especially when compared to the expensive up-front costs of other businesses, like franchising. You are also welcome to call our Saladmaster U. March 18, Saladmaster response. In May of this year I raised concerns about the products and a hosting gift.

All of the comments and suggestions we receive are always valuable to us.

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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Saladmaster. Busibess was too late when I received them. Waladmaster I redid the test on my own after washing my scanpan really well in lots of fresh water and NO soap, and result, not nearly as bitter as it was on the night. They have not warped, discolored and the handles are still in perfect condition.

I bought this product under the impression that I was getting a “whole lot more” cookware. My mom purchased every piece of Saladmaster waterless cookware possible in It was my dream to have a Saladmaster ever since I knew it.


A inconsistent and frustrating.

Top 48 Reviews and Complaints about Saladmaster

They work hard to show customers how to best use the cookware, taking advantage of its unique design. Saladmaster waterless cookware is enormously heavy-duty, but who knew we’d be using it fifty years later? Also when asked harder questions no explanation was forthcoming. A little bit of exercise everyday is the only advice I can give before you throw your money down the drain. Then comes the bicarb test – I have googled this and I’m not sure how to make sense of this.

We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. Dear George, We are so pleased to hear your story of being a long time happy user and owner of Saladmaster products.

You can win cruises and trips and other great things; be your own boss. Saladmaster’s warranty does not cover the handles June 25, Saladmaster response. I assissted on dinners which is how the employees got there money, was on sales of the cookware.

SaladMaster Review: Stainless steel cookware with no transparency

Note that SaladMaster do not provide retail pricing for any of their products on their website. It has honestly changed the way we eat at our house. In its place SaladMaster states your specific Group Manager responsibilities will be reviewed and assigned bsuiness upper management. Good luck if you buy a set.


sa,admaster When telling the consultant that the food was bland he got pissed and washed his dishes and left my house. Just make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer as helpful and informative as mine. We bought our Saladmaster ti Surgical Steel cookware at the start of and have been using it ever since without any problems.

Buy cheap first and if all others fail, you can still throw your money at their product.

SaladMaster Review: Stainless steel cookware with no transparency

The food prepared efficiently demonstrated practically every point the consultant made during the introduction. Fun work environment but too competitive.

saladmaster business plan

When it was repaired they sent it back to me. As one of the oldest MLM companies in the industry, this seemed highly out of place. By the way, Saladmaster is a business for cookwares but present and cook for our clients for free.


It allows us to steam vegetables like cabbage, peppers, squash, onions and more into flavorful meal sides. It has even brought our family closer because we cook together. Has a lot of benefits to it like good commissions for less hours of work.