Mech Mach Theory ;39 7: We show that the nested and the Ravigneaux gear train derive from a unified model, which permits to obtain the formulation of ratio and efficiency. Post mounting numbering is the same as the planet gear index clockwise, top view , and Post 1 is taken as the post where the crack locates. The method of the innovative synthesis of the epicyclic gear trains was presented. Yuksel C, Kahraman A. The conditions of static stress simulation are listed in Table 3 and the results are shown in Fig. Most common planetary gear sets which are implemented in numerous automatic transmission systems are presented in this paper.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Yuksel C, Kahraman A. Nonlinear dynamic modeling of a helicopter planetary gear train for carrier plate crack fault diagnosis 9. An integrated approach to helicopter planetary gear fault diagnosis and failure prognosisPro-. Sign into or create your free personal account. Model of planet carrier crack 3.

Feng Z, Zuo MJ. Comparison The predictions from a nonlinear dynamic model of Alshyyab and Kahraman19 are used to validate the model proposed in this paper.

Planetary Gear Train

An accelerated life test model for solid lubricated bearings based on dependence analysis and proportional hazard effect. Chin J Mech Eng ;38 3: Not only the resonant peak frequencies but also the overall shape of the response curve agree well. The method of the innovative synthesis of the epicyclic gear trains was rexearch.

Wang Shaoping is a professor and Ph. Kinematic and dynamic simulation of epicyclic gear trains.

However, these stud- 74 ies are all based on the fault-free planetary gear train, although 75 they proposed models including the time-varying meshing stiff- 76 ness, clearance backlash nonlinearities as well as run-out 77 errors, and analyzed the stability, bifurcation and chaos in 78 planetary gear train vibration.


Fan Lei is a Ph. In most of the research paper, it was They are manufactured gear using the available material, found that optimization of gear had been done with trial technology and tools.

A Novel Algorithm for Enumeration of the Planetary Gear Train Based on Graph Theory

This system is proposed with view to offer a dual advantage to the existing single motor system, Safety in case one of the motor fails. Torsional vibration model The planetary gear train of a helicopter main transmission considered in this paper has a typical 2 K-H structure according to the Chinese classificationshown in Fig. Through analyzing the feedback archetypes of the system, put forward to the countermeasures and measures to improve the quality of GSCM implementation.

The optimum element size is selected by modelling and solving key areas of the system.

Reliability Analysis and Design of Epicyclic Gear Trains | Journal of Mechanical Design | ASME DC

This paper investigates the effects of a planet tdain plate crack on the dynamic characteristics of a planetary gear train, and thus finds an effective method to diagnose crack fault. User agreement Privacy policy. Hsu, An analytic methodology for the kinematic synthesis of epicyclic gear mechanisms, Trans.

Your Session has timed out. Validation shows good accuracy of the epicgclic dynamic model in predicting dynamic characteristics of a planetary gear train. The direct analysis of vibrating transmissions in the pres- 47 ence of carrier plate cracks is basic and necessary to solve the 48 inverse problem. It operates independently of a user’s location or IP address. Chinese Ministry of Machine-Building Industry; On the embedded kinematic fractionation of epicyclic gear trains [J].


Skip to main content. Planetary gears Event history analysis Design Trains. Composite Material Gear BoxGsar Journal By this methodology, one can obtain deflections and of Mechanical Science and Civil Engineering Volume stresses for different loading conditions for existing 1 Issue December epicyclic gearbox housing.

research paper on epicyclic gear train

Lastly, a work discussing optimized flex spline design, interference study and micro harmonic drive design is also put forward in this manuscript. Micropitting results in a frosted or matte finish surface in affected areas.

A dynamic model is developed to analyze the torsional vibration of a planetary gear train with a cracked planet carrier plate. The face widths of the gears are taken as random design parameters. Comparison reseearch model behavior with reference data shows good accuracy of the model for predicting dynamic characteristics of a planetary gear train. Nonlinear dynamic modeling of a helicopter planetary gear train for carrier plate crack fault diagnosis 9.

Third, the maximum allowable overloading torque has to be determined iteratively. It is shown that in the Wolfrom reducer analysed, the limiting mode of failure is the tooth breakage, which occurs when the input torque is increased by a factor of 3.

research paper on epicyclic gear train