Have learners been given all the tools that they will need to learn? I have changed through reflection. My nervousness was apparent, my delivery was boring, I had memorized my lesson, and I was just talking about facts with no room for discussion and feedback. This leads him to create instructor feedback forms, which he gives to his learners weekly. I had other assignments and projects that were due, and that had greater grading significance than the reflection assignments. If there are learning aids which require perfection i.

How often are we given the occasion to reflect? To sum it up, the PIDP certainly advanced my knowledge of becoming an adult educator, it improved my skills as a facilitator, and it undeniably changed my attitude about creating a learner-centred environment. I think that providing advanced feedback is a fantastic instructional strategy that creates a positive learning environment! They asked questions and provided answers to each other. Two patient and understanding instructors, Mr. How do I foster trust?

However, it did not dampen the spirits of the volunteers and discouraged the other students because it was a timely segue to asking students projecr they perceived any problem in the activity.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

I initially offered a lesson on race, class, and gender. Yay, I met my completion goal of 1 year…. I found this evaluative strategy to be extremely helpful. Connecting with the students on a personal level proved to be effective in ensuring an active presence of mind in the classroom. I recently applied for a substitute teaching position in the dental assisting department at Okanagan College and I got the job!


My nervousness was apparent, my delivery was boring, I had memorized my lesson, and I was just talking about facts with no room for discussion and feedback.

This site uses cookies. I took the lead provided by my career consultant, Ms. The smart innovation studio at BCIT provided state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and allowed students capsttone appreciate the video and power point presentations.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I consider myself an expert in the field because I have many years of experience, and pid; I stay current in policies and procedures through research, and by attending continuing education courses applicable to my field.

pidp 3270 capstone project

Capwtone HAVE been struggling with the principles of andragogy throughout my career as a dental assistant and trainer; now I can articulate it upon serious research AND reflection: The proposed program had an implementation guide sheet with engagement strategies; an assessment instrument ; and an evaluation plan.

So, just like that, my first 2 assignments were completed.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Christopher Gradin, provided me with previous lesson inputs so I can prepare lesson plans which would perfectly fit into the program landscape. I have been working at my own speed, taking one course at a time, with breaks in between to reflect and apply what I am learning. I did not have any difficulty getting volunteers to engage in the activity.

The forums were a challenge for me because I felt that I did not have formal academic instructional experience, and most of my classmates were professional teachers already.

Reflection on the PIDP

For the Listening class, there was a technical glitch when the uploaded video clip did not match its audio. Developing instructional strategies has influenced me as a professional: The assessment instrument kept the students on their toes in ensuring that they listened and understood the lesson from the beginning to the end.


For me, being a reflective practitioner means applying a learner-focused approach to my reflection. A Collection Of Knowledge life long learning. Technical glitches sometimes occur but previewing a video clip is always necessary to guarantee a seamless presentation in class.

Showing a video clip and asking students to group themselves in discussion teams as experts of an assigned learning strategy animated the activity.

Capstone Project PIDP – Vancouver Community College

Facilitator will thank everyone for the success of the activity and acknowledge piddp support of BCIT instructor-host for the Capstone teaching demonstration. Karen provided the tools needed: What were the high points for me during the program? The guiding questions follow the 32270 method: A Problem to be resolved Input: Learners need to feel an involvement in the process, and relate to or apply what they are learning in a supportive environment Are there obstacles that will prevent learning?

pidp 3270 capstone project

I had to deliver three mini-lessons that week. Where have I taught in the past?