The EU has offered assistance in this context. This has resulted in greater awareness on the government side. Which concrete data or studies are leading the Commission to believe that the legislative proposal of will lead to a reduction in the abuses that have until now been tolerated, particularly on the part of certain Member States and businesses? Does the Commission intend to introduce minimum standards for guardrails, so that all European travellers can be protected on the roads, regardless of the Member State they choose to work and travel in? This mission will be followed by a full risk assessment to be finalised by end of September, which will provide the Commission with comprehensive information to guide its next steps in supporting Greece. As stated by the case law of the European Court of Justice the provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union concerning the freedom to provide services are not applicable judgment of What measures are being taken by the Member State to protect the health of the people living near these abandoned mines?

USD in eine neue Technologien nutzende Saatproduktion investiert. Data Retention Directive and personal data protection. Ritiene che l’utilizzo di questo asfalto sia possibile anche nelle aree extra-urbane? The programme further puts forward a set of 23 thematic priorities. Does the Commission have plans to ensure that Member States use proper guardrails in new road construction projects in order to ensure that motorcyclists are protected insofar as possible? However, economic instability is also having another effect:

Researchers at the above University have perfected a magnetic resonance control technique which allows the freshness and origin of the oil to be established with certainty. Foreign businesses can use the posting certificate to send to Germany staff from a completely different sector, for whom the firm itself solvint no use and for whom they have to pay social security contributions in the Member State from which they have been posted that are based, at most, on the minimum wage, and not on the salary they have actually earned.

De Keniaanse autoriteiten dragen verantwoording voor deze beoordeling, alsook voor een voldoende fytosanitaire bescherming. L’Unione europea dispone di un valido sistema di misure di sicurezza approntato a norma del regolamento CE n. Eurogroup Italia has banned fruit and vegetables from the provinces of Naples and Caserta without first carrying out any kind of product testing and without any scientific evidence attesting to any actual contamination, despite the fact that some companies such as Coop Italia have conducted extensive studies without finding any allwgato in the local fruit, vegetables, soil and water.


The Commission proposal therefore foresees that the two years of professional experience are not required if the service provider is accompanying the service recipient, provided that the service recipient’s habitual residence is in the provider’s Member State of establishment and the profession does not appear on the list of the professions with health and safety implications.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

A scientific journal has announced that last autumn some American scientists were able to instigate a process of nuclear fusion, from which they obtained more energy than the energy consumed to trigger it. The Commission is not aware of this research carried out by the University of Calabria using the magnetic resonance control technique.

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It shall also be open for signature by any other non-Member State of the Council of Europe upon invitation by the Committee of Ministers. Whether she considers allegatl further steps should be taken in order to protect human rights and to uphold the Cotonou Agreement, considering that failure to respect human rights by one of the ACP countries can lead to the suspension of EU trade agreements and cuts in aid programmes?

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The accident occurred late yesterday evening, while the ride was making its final turns. In the course of the operation, sex workers were arrested and subjected to compulsory HIV testing. I trabucchi, sinonimo di cultura, storia e tradizione, non possono essere abbandonati all’incuria umana.

The statement stressed that the freedoms of expression and of assembly, and participation in peaceful demonstrations, were fundamental rights in democratic states.

The Commission considers that given the amounts still available under all Structural Fund’s priorities it would be better to avoid radical changes for the time being and to concentrate all efforts to an accelerated implementation of the programmes oliimpiadi gradually taking on board the lessons learned.

Such provisions need to be sloving also in case trabucchi are used for the purposes of leisure fisheries. In the event that Mrs. The Commission also observes that the ECB is fully independent in its decisions. However, it establishes criteria for resolving the conflicts regarding such homonyms in the procedure of probleem of a designation of origin or geographical indication.

This is a flat rate payment paid also for the areas of permanent pastures without any obligation to respect certain livestock density criteria.

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Israele ha deciso di pagare un risarcimento alle famiglie delle vittime, ma il controllo esercitato da Hamas sulla striscia di Gaza rende difficile al governo israeliano soddisfare la terza condizione imposta dalla Turchia. The Commission has been supporting the efforts made by Turkey through a number of programmes in the asylum, immigration and border management areas, by providing funds from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.


Based on the dual track approach engagement and pressure the final lifting of sanctions will only occur once a comprehensive solution on Iran’s nuclear programme is reached. Examples of FP7 supported projects for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases are:. What is the total sum absorbed to date by the Regional Operational Programme for Attica? We have to protect our businesses and guarantee them a business climate favourable to their expansion.

Without prejudice to the powers of the Commission as the guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection in the Member States however falls under the competence of their national authorities, in particular data protection supervisory authorities.

Made of an extremely malleable material that looks like modelling clay, the case can withstand hammer blows without damage, keeping its contents intact.

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To maximise continuity and to ensure that the acquired expertise and knowledge is not lost, key staff has been transferred directly from the EUSR Sudans to the team of the EUSR for the Horn. How will the Commission ensure that Turkey fulfils its obligations under the customs union? Has the Commission supervised the process of absorption of funding for the restoration of the National Park? In light of the above, can the Commission indicate olimpkadi the average level of undeclared work is in Europe, and which Member States have the highest levels?

The news was announced by the local authorities, and the Taliban have publicly claimed responsibility for the attack. The Commission notes that the environmental impact assessment of the project is ongoing. Inoltre, si propone di integrare un sostegno sostanziale a favore della nutrizione nell’ambito dello sviluppo rurale solvihg partire dal periodo They shall ensure the possibility of effective competition and shall be accompanied by specifications that allow the information provided by the tenderers to be effectively verified in order to assess how well the tenders meet the award criteria.

Clear-cut, transparent eligibility and allocation criteria for social housing ensure that public funds are used properly and are in the interest of the beneficiaries because they prevent those most in need from being excluded from social housing.