The surface are highly weathered. These observations show that when exploring for mineral veins there is need to determine the paleostress configuration in the area, as this would enable the direction of veins of greater pay to be unraveled. They also have contact with the metaconglomerates and quartzites. Assessment of the Impact of Oil and Gas Resource The vegetation here is prominently made up of sparsely distributed trees, herbs, shrubs, and grasses. Successful farming in the area is largely dependent on this soil type.

The mineral composition including the primary constituent and secondary alteration products based on their colour, twining, cleavages. The diversity of sizes in the clasts may be attributable to the prevalence of high energy in the medium that deposited the original clastic sedimentary particles. A vein is a thin sheet-like body of igneous rock of mineral s e. Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London, pp. The magnetic field B due to a pole of strength m at a distance r from the pole is defined as the force exerted on a unit positive pole at that point. Metabreccia It is porphyroblastic and is fine to medium grain.

Deji Ogundana of Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti who actively participated in the field acquisition data and gathering of samples for this study. The second layer has a resistivity values in the range of ohm-m and can be observed reaching the subsurface 0- 15m at the western part of the traverse, a depth of 25m between 90 m of the traverse, and to a depth of 10 m between — m along the traverse.


These two rock type were well spread over the whole area and noticeably, this led us to believe that there is a concealed boundary pf contact zone between these two lithologies, which ot to be determined. Three stages of pinch and swell structure were distinguished as the structures develop with progressive deformation, that is, with decreasing RW and increasing stretch: The outcrops were logged lithologically and the structure and texture of the sediments was described by noting parameters like grain size, shapes, degree of sorting, colour, etc.


A preliminary study among quarry lgarra in Edo State, in southern Nigeria, showed a dearth of awareness of the hazards and diseases associated with working in the quarry industry and thus poor use of safety equipments. By Brian Gootee and Daniel Gruber. All these sedimentary formations occur in the Benin flank of the Anambra basin.

literature review of igarra

The depth of the third layer ranges from 15 — infinity along between m across the section. The gneissic complex has a long evolutionary history 11 and display chemical variations indicating they have heterogeneous sources The vegetation in this area is mostly secondary i.

Paleomagnetic direction anisotropy in Igarra syn-tectonic granite, obtained by strain removal in the Pyrenean southwestern, Nigeria. Which implies that the rocks in these area have undergone metamorphism. Granite body with vein Quartz that ranges from 3.

The quartz is colourless and shows no extinction with the mutual grain boundries complexly interlocking.

Most of these farming activities are carried out in the valleys which in most cases have loamy soils and also within a region that has a high water table. The peer review history lietrature this paper can be accessed here: Gypsum mining equipment Gypsum is a very useful processed material.

literature review of igarra

The outcrop has been highly weathered. Since there is no stream nearby, the inhabitant find it difficult to get water all the time except in cases were there is pipe-borne water supplied from ojirami dam which litfrature not regular as a result of power problem.

It does not show cleavage.

literature review of granitics rocks in nigeria

Igarra area, which encompasses the study area, lies within the southwestern Nigerian basement which itself is a part of the Nigerian Basement Complex. The size of the plot is 2km x 2km. Lucky Adarighofua towards my life and educational pursuit, particularly this field work. Medium to fine grains with traces of pebbles, clasts of clay, poorly sorted, matrix supported, milk y with 0 – 1. These rocks fall within the rocks in the last two groups of Jones and Hockey classification of the older granites.


This is regarded as the oldest. Click here to sign up. The microfolds are disharmonic and they fall into the F2 type of folds. Migmatite-gneiss complex Odeyemi in literatjre work titled preliminary report on the field relationship of the basement complex around Igarra ,Midwest state classified the rock types into four mayor groups viz ; 1. The abundance of very large pebbles of varying sizes ranging literaturw 15 — cm within the matrix of the metaconglmerates imply a source very close and that they did not underwent much transportation before the sediments deposited.

Traverse 1, 2 and 3 shows very fine signatures for groundwater accumulation, VES 2 and VES 4 for traverse 2 and VES 2 for traverse 1, but the desire to drill for groundwater solely rest on the client.

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As transmitted, the Electromagnetic EM waves spread litdrature the earth and the interaction between them and conducting planes in the earth and the interaction between them and conducting planes in the earth can be measured. The porphyritic granites are called older granites and is distinguished from the younger tin bearing granites of the Jos plateau.

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