European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. Tel 00 44 Language, Curriculum Service Feature: They are information experts who can help in developing information literacy skills among students by cooperating with the school teachers. Another approach that could be taken by the school management, in particular the school principal, is to pave the way for more dynamic collaborative educational partnerships to take place between the teachers and teacher-librarians and for the reform of the school library programs Hartzell, ; Pharr, The roles of teacher-librarians should be informed to all teachers to ensure that these roles can be implemented.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Nevertheless, some of the respondents 61, Click here to sign up. Living in the age where information is in abundance makes it necessary to use and manage information at all levels; whether it is for personal or organizational. Respondents believed working with teacher-librarians would improve students’ achievements. Help Center Find new research papers in:

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European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. In the present technology development, teacher-librarians also assist teachers and students in identifying and accessing information in the school library either via traditional or electronic methods.

Novice teachers’ perceptions of the role of the teacher-librarian in information literacy.

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The Open Access Publisher. Health Communication Service Feature: Skip to main content. The roles of teacher-librarians are therefore very important thesix every school in developing information literate students.


Materials, Concrete Service Feature: This approach will improve teachers’ understanding on information literacy skills needed at the present time where there are too much information and this makes it difficult for teachers and students to identify which are more authoritative for academic purposes. Each MJSC has a teacher-librarian that has a qualification in library science. This is also consistent with The American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 2lst century in which Leaner mentioned that school libraries are essential to the development of information literacy and learning skills.

Singh, D et al.

The findings are also similar to a study by Abrizah in a research that aimed to determine the essential competencies and the education required for teacher- librarians to perform their roles. The findings Table 2 show that the highest response 69, Open Access Africa Journal Online: However, are thesls capable and competent to undertake their roles in the delivery of information literacy skills?

A teacher-librari’an, as an information expert, plays an important role in passing information literacy skills to teachers and students, since they themselves are sources of information. This statement was agreed by Montiel who mentioned that students’ academic performance improved when teacher-librarians cooperated with teachers in planning instruction, identifying materials, teaching information literacy skills, and providing in-service training to teachers.

Carbohydrate Polymers, Polymers Service Feature: Each school is well endowed with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and school resource centers.


lib swu ac th data thesis

Kinezitherapy – South-West University Graduation follows the practical exam in a state hospital and state theoretical exam written and oral or thesis defense. Organizational Psychology Service Feature: Data showed 56 Web of Science for Research Discovery.

The objectives of this studv are: The instrument used was adaptedom a questionnaire developed by the Council on Teacher Education C.

lib swu ac th data thesis

The questions include level of teachers’ understanding about information literacy, teachers’ perception on the ability and skills of teacher-librarians, what teacher-librarians do with regards to information literacy in order to support teachers and students, and how confident the teachers are on their own to impart information literacy skills.

As interpreted by Hancockinformation literate students are more critical when they make decisions and are more effective consumers of information resources. The majority of respondents 92, Ad as 16 50 46 35 10 part of instructional l0.

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Information Science and Systems Service Feature: Applied Mathematics Service Feature: Retrieved 10 Februaryfrom: Competencies for teacher librarians in Malaysia. Language, Curriculum Service Feature: By Mohammad Fazli Bin Baharuddin. Help Center Find new research papers in: