Abdul Majid, Mohammed Analysis of multi-layer arrow planar waveguide for evanescent field enhancement in low-index. Iqbal, Imran The impact of HVAC system selection and operation on energy conservation in an office building in hot and humid climates of Saudi Arabia. Ali, Anjum On the propagation of electromagnetic waves in an inhomogeneous medium. Asad, Mohammed Computational Modelling of shrinkage in repaired concrete. Al-Afandi, Muhammad Nauwar On learning better decision trees. Lounici, Ali Voltammetric assays and behavior of norfloxacin and nalidixic acid antibacterial drugs.

Lounici, Ali Voltammetric assays and behavior of norfloxacin and nalidixic acid antibacterial drugs. Impacts and Participation Strategies. Yusuf, Abdul Karim Feasibility of biological nitrification process for treatment of fertilizer industry water. Hussain, ahmed Research statement. Abdul-Jauwad, Samir Husain Theoretical study of lattice solitons in nonlinear lumped networks. Faizullah, Safiullah Partitioning and mapping nested loops on message-passing multiprocessors.

Implication on Reservoir Quality and Architecture. Koken, Mustafa Emrah Differential electrolytic potentiometric detector in flow injection analysis. Al-Ahmadi, Theiss Evaluating policy changes using a network simulation model. Abido, Mohammed Ali Intelligent techniques approach to power systems identification and control.

Shehadah, Wael Hasan A. Maadi, Feras Ali Mohammed Designing a self-timed arithmetic logic unit.

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Al-Ghamdi, Muhammad Ali Mubarak Evaluation of work sampling as an indicator of construction labor productivity. Karimjee, Yousuali Karim A clustering-based algorithm for the rectilinear steiner tree problem.


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Fazil, Syed Integral methods for transpired boundary layer flow. Thesiis, Ahmed Aidid Separation process for the recovery of desalted water and chemical products from indigenous saline water resources.

Elahi, Hazm anwar A Study on the performance of delta modulation systems.

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Design using non volatile RAM. Ahmad, Jamil Izzat J. Al-Marzoug, Saeed Majed Turki Noise and disorder effects on front propagation in non-linear media. Ali, Mohammed Shahjahan The Effect of high temperature and aging on water-base drilling fluids. Ahmed, Suhail Tertiary wastewater treatment by yhesis and sand filtration.

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Ubaid, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Generalized balanced and approximately balanced representations. Al Dajani, Mansour Abdulaziz Optimal control of nonlinear plants using artificial neural networks. Bamasak, Saleh Mohammad Facts-based stabilizers for power system stability enhancement. Naseer, Syed Khaja A process miggration subsystem for distributed applications: Applications to Power Systems.

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Al-Garni, Said Ali Numerical study of volterra difference equations of the second kind. Mokheimer, Esmail Mohamed Ali Heat transfer in eccentric annuli.

In addition to online databases, the users can access more than individual e-journals. Noman, Syed Mubasher Effect of quality on lotsizing, warranty and inventory control decisions. Al-Mulhim, Khalid Abdulaziz Abdullah Transient temperature distibution in a tubesheet of a fixed tubesheet heat exchanger.


Khurrum, Mian Zainulabadin An improved fractionally spaced decision feedback equalizer structure.

kfupm thesis library

Rafiq, Mohammad Rahil Routing prediction for probabilistic mobility model using neural networks for ad-hoc networks. Hussein, Ibnelwaleed Ali Hydrogen production by the electrolysis of saline water.

Hermadi, Irman Genetic algorithm based test data generator. Qamar, Sayyad Zahid Modeling and analysis of extrusion pressure and die life for libraru aluminum profiles. Ahmad, Mansoor Influence of Ozone bubbling activity and reaction Kinetics in Ozone-Wastewater disinfection system. Al-Zamil, Khalid Saud On the optimum communication cost problem in interconnection network.

Zaman, Ansar Development and analysis of transient models for the biofiltration of single and mixed volatile organic compounds. Saqib, Mohammed Iqbal Flexural behavior of reinforced sulphur concrete beams.