The study will also determine why there is a need for branding and how it can have a positive effect on sale of the product. Also, as part of our national campaign to promote the Yamaha Gladiator, we held test drives in more than 40 cities and towns. Intake of the programme: One positive sign that can be seen though is that Yamaha is looking at a bigger picture that it plans to sell 5 lakhs unit in The company has used the 16 secrets of Yamaha technology to bring its main advantage into place. It would not be fair to compare it to the YZF R15 because it is a totally different in terms of top speed, handling and most important the price because it is one of the costliest bikes on the Indian roads which is being manufactured in India. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

An organization in order to survive or be a contender needs to have a lot of focus on strategy which has to be the prime focus of the organization. You can also expect the gentle release in power which enables the smoother acceleration, minimal power loss while shifting gears in the new apache RTR FI. They have been able to recognize the potential of their bikes in the existing markets. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Click here to sign up. This could work as a disadvantage if not dealt in a systematic manner. We have to very well understand that the very reason for the drop in sales in motorcycles were because of the global slowdown and due to people cutting cost in the process.

These models have received raving reviews from auto experts which helped achieve higher sales as against last year, according to CEO and MD, India Yamaha Motor.

At an average the company sold about 15, to 20, units per month after its launch. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. We held road shows covering high traffic areas, markets and malls. So the important factor that a company has to focus on is to create a good brand image. This is a 3 year program which can be extended to a maximum period of 5 years beyond which a scholar has to register afresh.


It is still going ahead with plans to spend Rs crores on advertising and brand building in departmnt May be placed at the end of the main text. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. With a globally recognized Quality Management System, the company plans to instill the synergies of branded showrooms into its existing dealer network. This thesis will also show the progress the company has made because of its prime focus on the brand positioning of its product.

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It is a 3 years full time programme, which trains post graduate candidates to become highly skilled and innovative researchers, scholars and academicians in their respective fields. It has one of the best pick up in its class. Most of them were working professional in the BPO industry and wanted to have a style statement by becoming a proud owner of the Indian Market. It would not be clear to say that Yamaha is the clear winner even though the best lap times set by the R15 was 3 seconds faster than in its competitors this is a good indicator that a lot can be expected from this machine and it could be a success story for India Yamaha Motors.

To create innovators who can excel in corporate world as research is a tool for blossoming or flourishing business and to give business a competitive advantage.

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The company as it is working to create a bigger base of dealers. However, such candidates should furnish successful course completion details at the time of registration, failing which their applications will be treated as rejected.

Focus and Aim of the company to Position the Products The company after it had stopped the production of the RX tried to come up with ways to survive in the market. During April, the company exported 7, units against 4, units in the year-ago period, a jump of The upgrades for the Pulsar included an all-black theme. The company has positioned their new products for the youth of the country where it shows sporty, stylish, speed and adventurous when spoken about the bike.


The company went through a survey wherein they surveyed about respondents in over 25 cities and found xepartment that young college student and those who have just graduated felt the need for a young and playful brand which brought about excitement in their experience when it came to biking.

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Analysts claim that in Yamaha Motor India will be selling 4 lakhs unit per year it would still be depatrment up with an operating loss of Rs. The next is Bajaj Motors the only bikes they have in the premium segment are the Bajaj Pulsar cc, cc, cc and cc. D programme students don’t join IIPM.

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It was the first motorcycle in the Indian market by the company setting up new benchmark in the motorcycle segment with its swift acceleration, superior mileage, international styling, riding comfort and convenience.

TVS Motors is the third largest two wheeler manufacturing company in India and tenth in the world. Yamaha India have been able to figure out that it is equally important to deoartment their hold in the retail finance functioning to improvise the various services provided to consumers to give them the best available.

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IIPM however certifies this programme that Planman imparts. Nature, objectives, characteristics and basic requirements.

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The total sale of two wheelers in India has touched a figure of 7. Rory c what’s your thesis. IIPM is only engaged in various research initiatives. The Company is looking at entering the cc segment for which it was very famous in the beginning of its entry in the Indian market, the RX which is still talked about even today. Candidate should have completed masters in any field, preferably in management, social science and economics from any institution in India or abroad.