Home About this blog. This controlled assessment represents Reculver Towers — ancient site. Perhaps land use is distinctive. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The aim of the fieldtrip is to collect data for the controlled assessment. What coastal processes are involved?

What coastal processes are involved? This mix is structurally weak since the less resistant rock is prone to slumping and saturation, and so slides over the more resistant chalk — like a gooey cake collapsing. You know it makes sense. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Remember the booklet is for the fieldwork day and is to be completed in detail for you to refer back to when you complete the rest of the project. Perhaps land use is distinctive.

hengistbury head geography coursework

Every 4 lessons your teacher will review your target sheet and give you feedback with a new target. Hengistbury Head does have Mudeford Spit which is different, but spits are not that unusual. This area of coast is bordered by the North Sea and exposed to geogfaphy rates of erosion — typically up to 2metres a year.

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Geography hengistbury head coursework

What coastal landforms are there? Home About this blog. Offshore offshore the movement is from east. Below is the powerpoint from your introduction lesson. This needs to be broken down. Hengistbury head to fulfil henyistbury needs of the gcse syllabus we are undertaking coastal geography fieldwork at hengistbury head, dorset.

Coastline Management of Hengistbury Head and Dorset Coastline

Below is the resource for your Data Collection lesson. Why not make your controlled assessment stand out a little bit from the rest?

Here are the links for all the lesson support material you have had in class. What coastal processes are involved?

Longshore drift and erosion occurs at both.

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Reculver is part of a country park, just like Hengistbury. Firstly, you need to identify what the distinctive unique, unusual landforms are first, e.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Miss Debens’ class support blog. How does geology have an impact? They are for a stretch of coastline at Reculver, in Kent. Hengistbiry site uses cookies. Hengistbury head 18th purity. Both are protected as SSSI, perhaps for different reasons.


What other influences are there?

How do they influence the landforms? Both areas have tourism but maybe for different reasons. Hengistbury head and mudeford spit background info help. Reculver headland rock armour.

hengistbury head geography coursework

These are questions to maybe consider and research more yourself. This is for year 10 geogrxphy your controlled assessment Fieldwork Focus project. Reculver Towers — ancient site. This controlled assessment represents Aspect of the new gcse.

Your teacher will check your progress each lesson to ensure that you are on track and this will ggeography recorded on the class tracker spreadsheet that you will see each lesson. Then you need to decide what landforms are distinctive at Hengistbury Head.

Remember the booklet is for the fieldwork day and is to be completed in detail for you to refer back to when you complete the rest of the project.

hengistbury head geography coursework