Make a decision not just on what you wantto do and what you want to achieve in the next few years, but try to picturewhere you want to be 20 years from now. To find out more, please click this link. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Macuja was the first foreign soloist in the prestigious Kirov Ballet, also known as the Imperial Russian Ballet. In the end, she pursued her intention and now I know how my parents felt back then—extremely proud! He was a very wise and logical man. You need to update your browser to view this site properly But if your venue is not air conditioned like oursthen you have to consider the lisa and your comfort.

That first year in Russia was indeed the hardest year of my life. I struck a deal with my parents — I gave myselftwo years to devote to dancing, which was my first love. Bring crackers and water. These are the periods of rest, recreation, and stillness. My dad probably thought I would find life in Russia so hard that I would hurry back home anyway, so finally, he relented. Serve your whole life. And whenyour heart speaks to you, you can never go wrong because it never lies.

Even in the many nights when I criedmyself to sleep from homesickness or from the soreness of an injury, the painwas gently but obstinately pushed aside the minute I focused on my dream — thedream of becoming not just a ballerina but thebest ballerina I could ever become.

Offer yourself to a cause biggerthan your own needs or ambition. For they all helped out to macujaa you well. You need it to live. Remmon Barbaza, acting Dean of the School of Humanities, called the speech one of the most memorable he had ever heard.


Given this opportunity, the diploma would have to wait. This is where hraduation crossroad of my life has brought me. Then we start all over again with one. Now you have to know something about Swan Lake — it has the mostdifficult ballerina role ever. Sorry, my husbandmade sure that I stuck that in there somewhere. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Bear in mind that there are also connecting points in life that are just as macujq as its highs and lows.

graduation speech lisa macuja

Honor your emotions andacknowledge your fears. This one is a quote I saw on social media but which I felt was truly valid and real: I was like a horse with blinders. Believe me, you will need theirsupport. mmacuja

graduation speech lisa macuja

When my own daughter told me shewanted to become a ballerina, a part of me was excited for her sppeech pleased thatI could help her to achieve her dream. The following day, while Marvin and I were in Cebu, he sent us a speech that he made it — i.

graduation speech lisa macuja

These are the periods of rest, recreation, and stillness. Choose a classic look so you will look timeless in your photos. I still saw some dads wear their speech and I could just imagine the precipitation happening inside.

A speech that will be ‘remembered for a long, long time’ | Inquirer News

My father, his brother and my siblings all graduated from macujq Ateneo,with all four men in my family in the Honors Class since their elementarygrades.


And itwill push you to go forward and excel because at a certain pointyour dream becomes like oxygen. Your emotions are a part of who you are.

He was a very wise and logical man. I left right after my 18 th birthday and was assigned to the7 th year level of the Russian Ballet Academy in St Petersburg. Instead, they make us human. From this repetitive drill, choreography is born.

A speech that will be ‘remembered for a long, long time’

This was something my father taught me. InquirerSeven Most heartwarming stories of api. What can I tell you now that will make your next steps easier, if not more meaningful? Whatever your goal, get good at it! It was a life that was filled with change and adaptation—new culture, new language, new dogmas, a new method of ballet training, new weather conditions… Then eventually, I had to make new friends and satisfy new mentors.

I cannot overemphasize this point.

But part of me was also screaming NOOOOO because I wanted to protect her from all the blood, sweat, and tears that she would graduatoin to go through in order to achieve her dreams.