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The portrait, painted for her, commemorates her part in saving the dynasty. Narsinh-Yug During the 15th century, Gujarati literature had come under the sway of the Bhakti movement. Rajkot has a location in the area called the Kathiawar peninsula. Notice about the project at Michigan University Library. In some instances, we may combine Other Information with Personal Information such as combining your name with your geographical location. Our website may contain links to other Internet websites.

Anyone who knows Gujarati Literature even a bit knows who Jhaverchand Meghani was.

Jhaverchand Meghani

He was born in Chotila. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Google stated that it would not scan any in-copyright books between August and 1 Novemberto provide the owners with the opportunity to decide which books to exclude from the Project.

essay on zaverchand meghani in gujarati

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essay on zaverchand meghani in gujarati

It is during this time that he wrote ‘Kavya Triputi’ based on Gandhiji’s visit to London for the round table conference. He served as a Member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly for several years and as the state Minister for Healthmonoharsinhjis son, Mandattasinh Jadeja has embarked on a business career.


It is used mainly for documentation in libraries and increasingly by archives, the GND is managed by the German National Library in cooperation with various regional library networks in German-speaking Europe and meghai partners. The ancient city of Dholavira is one of the largest and most prominent archaeological sites in India, the most recent discovery was Gola Dhoro.

essay on zaverchand meghani in gujarati

The Prince of Wales on Christmas Day Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram, better known by his regnal name Shah Jahan, was the fifth Mughal emperor, who reigned from to He also lectured at Santiniketan owing to his long association with Rabindranath Tagore.

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Jhaverchand Meghani – Jhaverchand Meghani Biography – Poem Hunter

Generally cookies identify the user and not the computer. He started his career in Kolkata and joined Jeevanlal and Co. He contributed widely to Gujarati folk literature.

He is a well-known name in the field of Gujarati literature.

Gujarati (language): Which is the best poem written by Zaverchand Meghani? – Quora

In order to submit orders through the Platform, you will be required to provide certain information in addition to the Personal Information noted above. He authored Kavyanushasana, poetics, a handbook or manual of poetry, Siddha-haima-shabdanushasana and Apabhramsha grammars, and Desinamamala and it is generally accepted by historians and researchers in literary genres in Gujarati literature that the earliest writings in this very ancient language were by Jaina authors.


The history of Gujarati literature may be traced to AD, and this literature has flourished since then to the present.

The money thus poured into the country produced an epidemic of speculation known as the Essayy Mania, which ended in a commercial crisis, but the peasantry gained on the whole more than they lost, and the trade of Bombay was not permanently injured. He went from village to village in search of folk-lores and published them in various volumes of Saurashtra Ni Rasdhar.

Victoria MemorialSt. His first book was a translation work of Rabindranath Tagore ‘s ballad Kathaa-u-Kaahinee titled Kurbani Ni Katha Stories of martyrdom which was first published in He started his career in Kolkata and joined Jeevanlal and Co.

It covers about a third of Gujarat state, notably 11 districts of Gujarat, including Rajkot District. Lord Salisbury was Secretary of State for India — We may use and disclose Other Information for any purpose.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. You dismissed this ad. Pushyagupta, a Vaishyawas appointed governor of Saurashtra by the Mauryan regime and he gujaarati Giringer and built a dam on the Sudarshan lake. Charan Kanya – Written when he saw a bard’s daughter chasing a lion with a stick 4.