Swaraj hoped that a “stronger, united and more confident Nepal will rise” from the debris of destruction. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Brighten up your Inbox! What have Indian Defence Forces got? Yemen saw a military intervention, when the Royal Saudi Air Force along with a coalition of Arab states, attacked the rebels. Maitri is situated on the rocky mountainous region called Schirmacher Oasis.

Kashmir Floods — Kudos and Brickbats for the Army. She also congratulated the National Planning Commission of Nepal for their comprehensive recovery needs assessment, prepared in collaboration with more than international experts. This makes it extremely valuable for all types of scientific research, but especially research involving climate change. Chennai was worst hit with the Adyar river and several lakes of the city overflowing their banks. Evacuees aboard IAF jet 27 Apr,

essay on operation maitri

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. Observing that Nepal’s challenge would be to ensure efficient and transparent utilisation of the funds, Swaraj said India will continue to work closely with the Nepalese government. While many were rescued from roof tops, the commandos had to break through roofs of buildings to gain access to people trapped inside houses.

Antarctica holds scientific interest for Indian research projects due to a number of reasons — to study the origin and eco-history of continents, climate change, meteorology and molecular biodiversity of the region. Notify me of new posts by email.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Government of India along with the Indian Armed Forces launched rescue and relief operations in Nepal and termed it as Operation Maitri. And the brave hearts step in, fearless in the face of the natural calamitieslionhearted and intrepid, rescuing and helping people in distress.


India announces $1 billion aid for rebuilding Nepal – The Economic Times

President gives assent to a Gujarat legislation; chain snatchers to face upto 10 years imprisonment. Operation Rahat was launched where the Indian Armed Forces were mobilised to rescue the trapped Indians in Yemen.

Esszy floods also ravaged the roads and communication system which the Indian Army with the help of the engineering units helped in restoring.

The Army deployed more than personnel for relief and rescue operations on ground.

India announces $1 billion aid for rebuilding Nepal

An ice class vessel, it can cut through thin ice of 40 cm depth and is the first Indian vessel to navigate Antarctic waters. Relief materials were taken to remote maitru by amphibious boats of the Navy for temporary respite till the people could be evacuated.

Be it floods, tsunami, earthquake or any other natural disaster, within India or essat neighbouring countries, it is the Indian Army along with the Navy and the Air Force who are called out for help. Naval ships with small boats and divers from Vishakhapatnam reached the naval air base, Rajali, 60 km away from the coast of Chennai.

essay on operation maitri

With the Chennai airport inundated, the Indian Air Force helped in evacuating people through the runway in Rajali.

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14 Amazing Things India Has Done To Help Nepal’s Earthquake Rescue Mission – The Better India

Find this comment offensive? These include agriculture, housing, roads and transport, electricity, health, education, cultural heritage, and disaster risk reduction,” she said, outlining the areas where India would provide support. Indian Army Ranks and Selection Process. Indian Armed Forces were the first to reach Nepal with a helping hand.


Thousands were killed in the earthquake, whereas many were injured and nearly 2. Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others.

They are calm and dignified in their tragedy,” Swaraj said. The unique geological conditions of this southernmost point on Earth make it a much-coveted place for research and study. Nepal NGO demands return of territories from India. Life was hard but simple. I am an Indian Yemen was no longer accessible as it was declared a no-fly zone.

This time around too we stayed for two months. Swaraj conveyed India’s “deep and abiding commitment” to rebuilding of Nepal and highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured a prompt rescue and relief operation within six hours of the 7.

14 Amazing Things India Has Done To Help Nepal’s Earthquake Rescue Mission

There has been an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy, support and solidarity with Nepal and people in India “opened their hearts” to come to the country’s assistance, she said. Relief camps were established by the Army to provide food and shelter, along with medical assistance, to the people who had been rescued. International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction. And one-fourth of the one billion dollar that India announced for reconstruction will be provided to Nepal as a grant.

The second time I was there, we stayed at our station. Made from prefabricated shipping containers from Germany, it lets scientists focus on their research, no matter what the weather outside.