The reasons may include technological barriers, initial cost and political compulsions. Besides, the CSS candidate must have hope and will of qualifying exam, which gives him confidence in attempting papers, alongwith fear of failure, which gears him to work hard. This structure is against the fundamentals of Underground gasification UCG given in every book. However, the severity of the crisis can be a blessing in disguise; it can compel authorities take hard decisions. The pace of development after industrial revolution is unprecedented. Despite their enormous benefits, the renewable sources of energy have not been exploited sufficiently due to many reasons.

Moreover, a huge campaign is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorists. This is the very cheaper source and clean form of energy. The potential of all these alternative sources are huge, beyond our wildest imagination. A fleeting look at the current situation reveals that the country is suffering from worst security crisis. The world distribution of energy consumption reveals that the most developed countries are the highest consumers of fossil fuels. Along with managing demand of energy hungry populace and industry, government should waste no time investing or arranging investment in new energy sources.

essay of irshad sodhar

Gas contributes most with share of Time distribution for subjects. Industries are closing down.

Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP) 38th Common – CSS Forums

We might suffer from the fate of New Zealand, who had converted almost everything to CNG only to reverse it back to other forms of energy as they ran out of their gas reservoirs, unless we can miraculously complete pipeline project with Iran. He can also be instrumental in framing the foreign policy through his intellectual input during his career. However, the major proportion of hydrocarbon is consumed by already developed countries like the US, Japan and Western European states.

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essay of irshad sodhar

Instead of presenting his view point he tried for character assassination. Coal is a game changer for Pakistan. Is he an American agent?

essay of irshad sodhar

America is again there for the same purpose. We as a nation need to unite as one to defeat their nefarious aims Thar coal; irshaad game changer September 03, Majorly access material is aluminium scaffolding for access and tools used for core work.

However, this problem will not go away easily given the isolated responses from state institutions. Wesley Clark, one time Supreme Allied Commander irwhad NATO, admits that US and Europe’s intervention in Middle East — initiative of multiple regime sodhwr in around seven countries through direct and indirect wars — is primarily to gain control over oil resources by Western powers.

The country is in need of 15, to 20, megawatts MW per day.

Thar coal; the game changer

Agriculture sector is also affected, largely because essag heavily depends on the functioning of tube wells in many areas.

The consumption of fossil fuels has increased manifolds due to rapid industrialisation of developing countries like China and India. Are you in need of a Loan to pay off your debt and start a new life?

An alternative to furnace oil for production of electricity is coal. The required thing to excel is commitment and dedication under proper and or guidance. Moreover, the risk of being termed as a failed state was born out of the implications of no other problem but terrorism. Samarkand Mubarak, and open pit testing and conversion of coal into gas.

As the gasification proceeds, the water seepage from the upper aquifer will continue leading to further decrease in temperatures inside the chambers resulting further incomplete burning and yielding much lower HV gas along with un used air. Particularly critical for cotton crop in Sindh.


Pakistan has failed to contain its energy rishad failing to increase supply proportionately and conserving demand. One, the demand of energy resources have surged throughout the world. According to a study conducted by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, every third Pakistani is living below the poverty line i.

Global energy crisis By Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP)

The main sources of energy need overhaul, change of sodhhar, and replacement with new resources such as indigenous coal, gas, and more reliance on futuristic alternative, sustainable energy resources which will take at least decade or two before becoming true rivals to fossil fuels. Right below the first coal zone, there are two to three perched aquifers that are aquifers within coal zone with sand horizons of medium to coarse grains.

Currently, trillion watt hour of electricity is being generated from world coal. Inper capita surface water availability for irrigation was estimated at cubic metres; this declined sharply to only cubic metres per head in Average rainfall of Pakistan is below Avg. Moreover, new employment opportunities are not being created due to decreasing investment in new ventures, partially due to weak economy, corruption and terrible law and order sodhag.

I was fortunate to have wide interaction and guidance of my seniors and friends during preparation. In Pakistan, the underprivileged and depressed class is prone to be exploited by the terrorists.