Carsten Eulitz University of Konstanz , 12 June Credits for courses and other activities: One supervisor functions as main supervisor. There was another lunch for candidate, opponent, and committee; and then in the evening, a very big party including dinner, toasts and toastmasters, speeches, songs, gifts from supervisor to candidate and candidate to supervisor, and dancing that lasted longer into the wee hours than I did. The transcript is then submitted by the principal supervisor to the departmental administrator.

If nothing is previously published, one may use the heuristic that the core of the thesis has to be judged to be of a quality that is on par with recent publications of the above mentioned form. I remember that I was quite nervous but also super-concentrated and everything went well. After you apply, you will get a time plan based on this date, the printer will have you in their schedule and you will know the last day by which to send in your documents. Transfer to and from airport: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here After the public defence the Examination Board convenes to decide the grade to be awarded pass or fail. As my first assignment in an examining committee I did have the unlucky experience of the opponent asking too few questions.

dissertation opponent karolinska

I think the defense really serves two purposes. I would suggest looking at other KI theses in your field and modify from there. The rules that apply to you depend on when you were registered as a PhD student, and can be found here. Studies on neural mechanisms underlying emotions: Thesis Defence and the role of the opponent.


It may be around 50 people, but it could also be less.

The “opponent” system: my experience at a Swedish PhD defence | Scientist Sees Squirrel

IT support E-mail address for IT support: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. IT, E-mail, letter templates and logos. After that is still possible to correct the text before printing the thesis. I solved this by scaling the PDFs in Adobe, by choosing to print the file, then scale them in the printer dialogue screen, and then print karolinskka PDF instead of to actual paper.

Convolution and model based dose calculation methods in radionuclide and external-beam photon therapy.

The “opponent” system: my experience at a Swedish PhD defence

Cortical sequence for processing and learning spoken word forms. The opponent first described my thesis for maybe minutes and then we had 1.

Aim for a minute presentation. The purpose of the thesis templates is to provide an easy way to format a thesis that complies with the KI graphic guidelines and is suitable for printing.

When your application for defense gets accepted, you will get an email with a link for the electronic nailing.

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Note that only one proposal for an Examination Board member and opponent is to be submitted. One more thing about the Finnish system. Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. I know in Sweden defendants tend to be casually dressed. During this period the thesis should also be available for public inspection.

Many factors are taken into consideration by the Dissertation Committee when judging the suitability of an opponent or a member of the Examination Board. Leave a Reply Diissertation reply Enter your comment kagolinska The Chair then declared the defence closed, and the candidate and audience left. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Two documents — Support for writing the thesis and Guidelines for writing a compilation thesis summary chapter — have been produced to help students write their thesis frames.


Get the okay from your supervisors as well, because you cannot amend the manuscripts after this. Board members need to be at least Docent, opponent needs to at least hold a PhD.

The supervisor and I then left, dkssertation the examining committee could deliberate. There is time to make the slides, rehearse, and revise.

dissertation opponent karolinska

Dissertatiin in your application Send part 1B to this address via regular mail or KI’s internal mail system: Talks, toasts and presents.

If there is a bigger issue, your application will get declined, and then you need to reapply, send in a reworked form again and your application will be taken up on a new committee meeting, meaning your time plan is altered.

The number that you write in the form can still change karolinskka the final print day, but it does include all copies!