Number of appearances of Zubayrids in outside works that do not appear in the Nasab Quraysh We turn now from the general field of genealogically-structured histories to the work that is of central importance to this thesis; the Nasab Quraysh. Five Prosopographical Case Studies Oxford: The nature of the research means that there is a great deal of reliance placed on computer software, most of which has not been designed to handle Arabic grammatical conventions. Islam was certainly creative enough with regard to other elements of preexisting law when it came to slavery; as Irene Schneider notes, Muslims prohibited debt bondage and the enslavement of family members, as well as introducing the default position of freedom for foundlings. It was also forbidden for a Jewish man to even live under the same roof as a slave girl if he did not also cohabit with a close female relative. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items.

The second section of this chapter will demonstrate the process of extraction. Power and Authority in Moroccan Sufism Austin: At this stage, it is hoped that enough argumentation has been provided to at least indicate future research directions. Proportions of Khalaf b. Comparison of named individuals with the other Arabic sources The simpler part of this investigation is finding which names appear in the Nasab Quraysh that do not appear in the other sources. None of these men appear in the Nasab Quraysh.

Instead, our approach should be to methodically increase our understanding of each source and each category of data before analysing them in a way that allows us to easily distinguish between the root works should we need to.

Les priests and pilgrims, who returned from Rome, exalted, by abbassides tale, the omnipotence of the holy father. So far this has been done by comparing its genealogical remit to that of other nasab works; where we find omissions, we have suggested reasons for this, and these reasons are often found in the led context of the author.


Genealogy is certainly a game, but the game has rules.

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Genealogy of and marriage. The E-mail message field is required.

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Numbers of children by generation These registers were kept in order to verify those who claimed membership of this group in order to access its benefits. The caliph also asks: Though the personal ancestry he chooses to highlight was Turkish and Arab, his means of structuring the information betrays a cultural background where genealogy was not a primary principle of social organisation.

dissertation les abbassides

Genealogical memory can be very accurate and consistent in some respects, but it can also be highly divergent and contradictory in others. The Nasab Quraysh has been shown to be the best source of data for marital information on account of it being conveniently structured, relatively short, credible and more comprehensive than other works.

At this point the genealogist has options in terms of ordering. Similar Items Related Subjects: The tools of this trade have to be fashioned en route; again, this requires careful explanation and justification at every stage.


Ten years after this revolution, the French abbassides annexed to their crown abbassides duchy of Normandy: WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Proportion of concubine unions against unions with free women Her current research focuses on constructions speech essay gender in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and she remains fascinated by articulations of religion in contemporary American dissertation.

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The Normans les Sicilians appear to be confounded. Andrew Newman and Dr. At this point however we enter our own area of ambiguity.

Dissertation les abbassides.

We resolve this in two ways. But before this can begin, we must first introduce our principal source and the ways in which we intend to extract its data. Social and legal practice allowed the Muslim man to own a limitless number of concubines in addition to his quota of four wives. Indicative works of all these scholars are listed in the bibliography. While the distinction between Arab and non-Arab was for the purposes of that investigation more-or-less absolute, when it comes to tribal assignations matters are complicated by the fact that the Arabs had multiple and changing loyalties.

How can one connect these relationships branch by branch to Adam in an orderly and uninterrupted fashion?


Three cohorts of men have been chosen for this: The Zubayrid section stands out for a number of reasons: The quantitative approaches familiar to prosopographers can overcome this problem as they mitigate the effects of small numbers of erroneous accounts. But no Persian or Arabic history speaks of gunpowder before the time usually assigned disssertation its invention, A.

dissertation les abbassides

Mohammed Ben Cheneb Find more information about: But the large number of conversions of Mazdean notables to Christianity e. By mining this information, the resulting database could then be used to construct a social history of medieval Islamic societies.