I have done work in organizing, served on the executive committee, and gone to a couple of conferences. I just graduated from this university, and I am adjuncting in a different program than the one from which I graduated last month. Weekend Links Natalie Strobach. Several of my professors have suggested that it would be helpful for me to teach 1 or 2 undergraduate courses prior to graduation to have some teaching experience to add to my CV. This outburst was not actually directed at you personally! Seeking greater job security, I turned to accountancy and worked for PwC for just over a year.

But, I know that in some fields it might be expected. And is there an optimal number of such manuscripts i. Thanks for the reply, Karen! Give title, institutional location, and date. So you have to attend closely to context. I would appreciate this if you emailed me your example.

I have a lot of teaching experience, because I have taught since my first semester in grad school.

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV

But Workshops Facilitated will get the job done—you can keep it. Karen, This question is directed exempli at our annual evaluation report, rather than the CV, because it would be superfluous on the CV.

So in that field at least, it looks like this is not required or normal. Please doublecheck with a trusted advisor. There is one job posting in my field where I want to live and I really want it! Thank you for this very helpful post. Might it be completely unnecessary for an R1 school? The first place is a very large, private university with a good reputation I assume!


What should I do? Is it acceptable to list the awards and fellowships in order of significance like putting a Fulbright at the topexemply of chronologically? exempli

It makes it look like you are padding your cv. Does this employment fall under teaching experience, or other employment? He started putting his nickname in quotes very short and easy to pronounce in English between his long, hard-to-pronounce name.

This certainly seems like a less-than-straightforward issue.

Include search committees and other committee work, appointments to Faculty Senate, etc. Hi Karen, Love your website and blog. Weekend Links Natalie Strobach. While I do teach for grades second through undergrad, I also am the curriculum developer for at least 4 of the programs I implement.

curriculum vitae exemplu md

I am currently in the process currifulum reviewing applications for a major national fellowship, and throughout the process exdmplu of the things I pay close attention to is how people present themselves. I have my CV formatted according to my local rules excerpt below.

This may be particular to the physical sciences, but it is common in my field to have papers with 50 or more authors. Thus, I am wondering what is the best way to present a sparse CV and discuss its shortcomings in the cover letter — if indeed I should address them at all. No narrative verbiage under any course title. One year or so beyond completion, it should be removed. I wonder if I should include honorary positions, like Honorary Research Associate in my CV, and if so, under which heading it should go.


Dear Karen, Thank you for your advice — as someone from outside US attempting to apply for a US-based fellowship, it has been very helpful.

curriculum vitae exemplu md

Similarly, if an article is reprinted, does cudriculum merit a separate entry or do you just put the rpt. I am applying for Ph.

Curriculum Vitae

Karen, Thank you for posting this. There are some terribly ignorant and irresponsible senior scholars out there. That is why I am not giving a physical model, just a set of rules. Let me put this another way.

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I went through this twice at Miami Dade College. I live in Israel and I have a problem about how to phrase or even explain something: One question — I work as a non-tenure track faculty in a soft money institution. I am wondering the same thing.