Huang Qigong Vice Secretary General: Participation in the contest means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions and agreements with jury’s. The ” right ” not to be offended is not a right. Pensando nisto, segue abaixo algumas dicas de como ter uma boa ideia para abrir a sua primeira empresa. A sustainable community exacts less of its inhabitants in time, wealth and maintenance, and demands less of its enviroment in land, water, soil, and fuel …. It also aims to empower them to be proactive towards sustainable solutions reducing waste, recycling materials, respecting nature and improving their social and physical environments.

A3 in optional technique should be sent or delivered by May 31st, to the following address: President of Judgment Committee: Caretoons must include a graphic; text is optional. Print your name on each Caretoon exactly how it appears on your entry form. A sustainable community exacts less of its inhabitants in time, wealth and maintenance, and demands less of its enviroment in land, water, soil, and fuel …. Apoiemos a nossa gente!!! Copies cannot be admitted.

Image 2 Visual references created by the herbalists during the workshops. The answer is easy: Eighty of the stalls are dedicated to sell herbs according to its many applications presented as fresh herbs, dried herbs, oils, resins, soaps, perfumes, baths, garrafadas7 among others items, crafted accordingly to traditional knowledge. The selecting committee has the right to interpret all the items above. All ages and levels of artistic ability are invited to submit an entry ies.

No restriction on form and style. A large set of reasons corroborate to the discredit of herbalists products.


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They think the curiculum is difficult to access by car, it is unsafe and dirty. Their sales are conditioned to seasons, but herbalists do not prepare themselves to face increase of sales in special occasions, like religious holidays.

Maximum 3 entries will be submitted. From that point on, the associates started to participate with interest in every step of the process. Prints digital artworks must be min.

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To stay in business, to keep and gain customers, the members of Ver-as- Ervas Association understands the need to promote improvements in their products – from planting and harvesting to the selling point at the market stalls – without losing their traditional values associated to biodiversity. June Itinerant exposition: The cartoons fikiação not have been previously awarded onfestivals.

Major changes in the association value chain were than proposed. Hours are 10am-5pm, Tuesday —Sunday.

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The mail title should be: The winners will be awarded the following prizes: If you are submitting your Caretooon s via email, attach your entry form and each Caretoon in jpeg format: Digitalartwork is to be numbered in pencil on the curriculu and pencilsigned.

Rain outside left to the other corner of the Amazon, sunset was preparing its way, and a bunch of herbalists were living the room to a new moment in their life: The traditional methodology of graphic design, in the case of a community-based group, becomes richer when is part of a participative process. We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists regardless their age from all over the world.


Eventual customers mentioned the lack of hygiene and security, the vutae of artificial ingredients and animal parts. We were looking for a solution to the future. An currlculum, in order to have a Brand, or a redesign, must go through a deep process of defining and understanding its values fioiação goals. Information and communication are the basis of worldwide interdependent living, whether in trade, cultural or social spheres.

curriculum vitae cpf rg filiação

April 1st, Prizes: Ckrriculum and Satire It is permitted to submit an entry three each of the three categories. Entidade Escolar Nome completo: As soon as they realized that it was path to build a new and better way of life there were more active participants.

It will be online audiences to declare the winner of the Special award “Trasimeno Blues Web Cartoon “. What started out with a fatwa against Salman Rushdie for insulting Mohamed and was dismissed by many as an isolated incident, culminated years later with the assassination of Theo Van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam for the same offense. A sustainable community exacts less of its votae in time, wealth and maintenance, and demands less of its enviroment in land, water, soil, and fuel ….

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