The candidate should describe how the user requirements were ascertained possibly by long discussions with the users: Shahzaib Rehman February 5, at 7: Abhishek September 1, at 9: Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 leading to the full A-Level. The systems development life cycle is studied with reference to particular applications.

Paper 3 Advanced Theory — written paper. The developed solution partially fulfils the design specification. These would include input format with screens displays, print options, back-ups file integrity routines , security of access to data and a guide to common errors that may occur. Other languages are welcomed, though CIE Customer Services should be consulted before the project is started. No omission of any of the options available including backup routines, guide to common errors.

Note Related Articles Useful resource February 23, Proposed record, file and data structures should be described. The report demonstrates a thorough analysis of the system to be computerised. Could the system or its results be used? Candidates conputing Centres should be aware that demonstration of the skills will be necessary, within the context of the problem solution, in order to earn marks in the assessment.

Add to collection s Add to saved. A clear requirements specification should be defined. Comments by teachers and others are of value, but the test plan must be supported by evidence in the report of a properly designed testing process.

Alternative outline solutions should be discussed and evaluated against one another. A detailed knowledge of the syntax of programming languages is not required. A detailed summary of the aims and objectives should also be included.


computing 9691 coursework

In addition, an informative diary, or log, of problems encountered has been kept. This section of the specifications gives the subject content for each section, as shown below.

COMPUTING Advanced Subsidiary Level

coursewor For full marks it is important that the user provide sets of data as they are likely to occur clmputing practice, and that the results arising from such data be given. Will it be an exceptional case? There is no description of the relationship between the structure of the development work and the testing in evidence. Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 leading to the full A-Level.

And, verily, He draws near and ccomputing proudly speaks about them [i. Computing Project Candidate Record Card Please read the instructions printed overleaf before completing this form.

User testing should be in evidence. In this way, candidates can be encouraged to look beyond school, or college, life into the businesses and companies in the community of the surrounding area. It is vital to produce test cases vomputing to show that they work.

B Skills Candidates should be able to: Some mention here of the relationship between items of software and the data they deal with may be relevant.



It is expected that candidates will have studied the requisite theory in order to carry out the project successfully. However there is a lack of completeness with omissions from the process model, inputs and outputs.

computing 9691 coursework

Is the foundation for all subsequent sections Practical Programming Techniques. The Practical Programming Project is an individual piece of well-documented work involving a problem that can be solved using a computing system. For complaints, use another form.

COMPUTING 9691 Advanced Subsidiary Level

Administrator May 4, at 1: The test plan should be clearly cross-referenced to provide evidence that the system has been tested during development and implementation. It is envisaged that students will utilise the skills and knowledge xomputing computing in one of three ways.

If a candidate submits no work for a coursework unit, then the candidate should be indicated cousework being absent from that unit on the coursework mark sheets submitted to CIE.

It is envisaged that work on the Project will begin in parallel with work on Section 3. The registered schools were given a draft of the new syllabus almost 2 years ago. Paper 3 this paper will consist of a variable number of compulsory questions of variable mark value.