Optegnelser fra Ungdomsaarene Youthful Memoranda ; Vol. But there are indications that Camilla carried some resentment toward her father and brother over their opposition to her relationship with Welhaven. After that, she left Norway and settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, and produced her most famous literary accomplishment, The District Governor’s Daughters. I sitt essayistiske forfatterskap utviklet Camilla Collett sin samfunnskritikk i klare ord. Seen in historical perspective, however, she came along at a perfect time. No nation is civil unless there is room for women.

She creates a life for herself on her own terms rather than being provided for by a conservative family with whom she disagrees and which does not approve of her views. Her feminist novels include The District Governor’s Daughters —55, tr. Optegnelser fra Ungdomsaarene included letters from Welhaven expressing his love, and in one footnote, she wondered, “Did he carry on this lengthy game with coldblooded calculation? Because of this culture war, Wergeland’s work was usually subject to scathing criticism by Norway’s literary establishment. In winter, snow and ice smoothed the roads, so that was the season for markets and social events requiring travel.

In addition, a uniquely Norwegian brand of national romanticism in art and literature flourished. Inhe enrolled her in Miss Pharo’s school for girls in the capital, where Camilla felt very much out of place. Breve fra Ungdomsaarene Letters from Youth ; Vol.

camilla collett essay

She devoted her life and work to the emotional and social emancipation of women and is considered to be one of the most influential women critics. Her feminist novels include The District Governor’s Daughters —55, tr. The women who always travel in their coaches are bored to death.


But although the incident impressed itself on her mind, she had no way of guessing that he would be the catalyst for her long battle for open, honest relations between men and women, and for women’s rights in society. The young, beautiful Camilla Collett is more famous, says Professor of comparative literature Tone Selboe, who wishes to direct the attention to the older and funnier Collett in her new book. She had inherited her parents’ keen aesthetic sense, and her father always encouraged her to develop her artistic talents with the exception of her deep yen for acting, which he was dead set against.

Neither of them is a match for the ruthless “realism” of Sofie’s mother, who uses every stratagem afforded by her society to get her daughters respectably married as expeditiously as possible.

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We have to walk. However, it is as a writer of fiction that she is most remembered. Women fssay World History: Nasjonalbiblioteket she keeps looking to Norway, the young nation not yet fully formed. They paraded in her honour on her 80th birthday.

camilla collett essay

Latest news 22 May In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Collett was very preoccupied with the French revolution, another theme with which camiloa was unusual for women to engage.

Compared with most of the rest of the country, however, both cities were bustling metropolitan areas. Den essayistiske perioden av hennes forfatterskap ble innledet med utgivelsen av Sidste Blade.

Collett, Camilla (1813–1895)

Norwegian bankruptcies were frequent between and Private correspondence shows that those were difficult years for the shy country girl from Norway, although she did well in her studies. Collett later named this constraint the “Law of Femininity” and claimed that it blighted all her adult life.


Logg inn eller registrer deg. Hun gifter seg med Amalies frier i stedet for med den unge mann hun hadde elsket.

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Collett never raised the issue of whether her mother had been consulted about the move to Eidsvoll. After a period of strained relations in Christiania, she resumed her gypsy existence and had only occasional, though friendly, contact with Welhaven until he died in Collett wrote in the first person and incorporated the private sphere in the public and vice versa.

His private and public convictions proved fateful for his family. The District Governor’s Daughters. At the time Collett wrote her novel, the country had scarcely 1.

Welhaven was also the son of a pastor, but unlike Collett’s brother, he was of a more conservative mind. In Collett left Norway for France. Home Women Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Collett, Camilla — Her tale, Gathorne-Hardy continued, “particularly in its earlier stages, falls constantly into bathos and occasionally cpllett like a parody of the style by which it was inspired.

She produced essy more fiction, but wrote essays and engaged in newspaper discussions until the year she died. Peter Jonas Collett was appointed professor of law at the University of Christiania in