Action equipped with knowledge, Yogasthah in the verse of Sri Krishna: How much do you really need and just keep that much and be happy with it. Getting Ready for the day. Why is this distinction relevant to the section? What are the three kinds of faith? Some discussion on this? These kind of theories cannot be called as science, they are only suggestions.

He is coming to my mind. An Avatar incarnation took place. Where I am going to get flowers for Him on the banks of Kusum sarovar. This Braj is equal to Mayapur and Braj non different. Nectar of devotion Chapter 21, What is the function of the demigods? To render your help, assistance Then Balisesu those are innocent they get kripa, they deserve kripa, your compassion, your kindness, consideration and dvisatsu, those who are anti-devotees, you could maintain safer distance from them.

Here are some jomework for each of the defects. Please help so God was helping kept the bundle on head, lady was in business and Bye!. So Krishna says with vidya one understands me.

Again there are those who, although not conversant in spiritual knowledge, begin to worship the Supreme Person upon hearing about Him from sadtri. I found my enemy, I found my enemy, where is it?

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If we always want to kirtana, follow the instruction of Chaitanya mahaprabhu. You do not preach to those who are bhaktk austere.

One should follow in the footsteps of the Lord’s beloved devotees, who are deeply attached to His devotional service.

Serve Lord and serve devotees of the Lord. Krishna was next to Her and He was like I am here I am here, He makes attempt, she was gone no external consciousness she was deep within. Qualities and mood of Bhatki. So one kann and one sann, kann sann, they are two different word, kann means grain and sann means moment. Laughter Haribol spirit soul? Course d uration and m ethod of study. Compare the processes of impersonal and personal worship?


Divya jnana transcendental knowledge is revealed. The note on the note that Bhagvat Gita started now it is ending on that note. Is that how it works?

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So this is wise man like Sanjay could from their experience their realization they could draw conclusion like this. You progress at your own rate, taking one module at a time so that it suits your schedule. Laughter just ignores me.

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Narada Muni was little boy where he would just go help his mother, mother washing dishes and sasrti in the kitchen. His thoughts are high; life is simple, simple living high thinking. Bhagvat Gita is targeted towards each one of us.

Now your knowledge of the shastras, so you look at the world around you. This is the knowledge and we have to stay knowledgeable all the time, today, tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow, day after.

If you blow, that will be blown out, finished, so you bhwkti to be careful and if it is little less blowing, too much little blowing, then also do not make much difference to the, not eastri the blazing fire out of that spark.


In one purport, Prabhupada makes that order, you hear, you read and then you repeat, you preach, you realize, it helps you.

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Due to wrong type of education being imparted in our universities boys all over the world are giving their elders headaches. Anger Prabhupada says- Mr. So this how you know how to deal with this world, how to relate with this world. How many qualities we have? If you are given medicine, lot of time, they are bitter.

He is looking at the world, looking at the persons, different parties, and then accordingly takes decision or stand. What is the specific plan of Krsna that is being carried out in the material world? So even if they have plans of not respecting but just seeing how they are respectful towards those householders, towards those persons they want to preach to, right there some revolution in their consciousness and their attitude.

bhakti sastri homework

And so people, they like chanting and as they become favorable, become inclined and then little talk could be given, philosophy presented, present Bhagavad Gita books or some people may not be into chanting or hearing your discourse, they may be happy with prasadam.