If you have ideas about such initiatives that will add value to being part of the STR Division and community year-round, contact me at STRdivision tilburguniversity. It is a great pleasure to work with you all — your commitment, energy and willingness to contribute time to the division is truly an inspiration, and as mentioned above I look forward to hearing your ideas for other activities yet! As our updated division statement reflects, STR has a membership with diverse interests that hail from various geographic locations and institutions. The record number of submissions allowed the assembly of a selective program that is both large and high-quality. I will seek to expand programs to welcome new members and fully engage our global community of scholars through mentorship programs and directed welcoming sessions. A fundamental part of this process are the 1, reviewers from 60 different countries that registered to assist with this important work.

Nominations should be e-mailed by the department representative who nominates the student to the two consortium organizers:. Obviously, this means that many fine papers were left off the program. It is my pleasure and honor to chair our Division as the Academy comes back to Boston, always an exciting venue for the AoM conference. He is an elected Fellow of both the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society, and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Free University of Berlin. His research focuses on institutional factors influencing firm strategy during technological change, including pressures from Wall Street analysts and investors, and the challenges of coordinating shared platform technologies in ecosystems. What an experience this has been for me to organize the program for STR!

This division has been my home at the Academy of Management since I entered my PhD program and has alm such a significant role in my development as a scholar.

Harrigan Columbia University Edward J. Prior to academia, Ram worked a management consultant with Deloitte in Southern California, and as a software engineer with Siemens Public Communication Networks.


Hope this helps in your planning for AOM The dissertation addresses topics in the area of strategic management. Building on consorrium solid foundation, as well as our recent name change and updated Division Statement, I believe that STR is poised to move to the next level in best serving its members. Any doctoral dissertation may be entered that satisfies the following dissertatoin. In my opinion, we should consider: Students selected to attend the Consortium will be sent a registration code that will allow them to register online.

A huge thank you goes to the more than 1, reviewers who have given their time and provided developmental feedback dissertatikn the many submissions in a short time frame, including emergency reviewers who worked overtime. Jiao received a Ph. To this end, she uses hand-collected interview data, fieldwork, and longitudinal datasets to build theory. Interested recent graduates should submit electronically via email the following Word documents as attachments to an email to Division Chair Elect Samina Karim samina northeastern.

Strategic Management – A Division of the Academy of Management

There will also be some developmental Discussion Paper sessions, and structured symposia where multiple presentations are pre-assembled by organizers. It helps prepare for ocnsortium job market and plan future careers. The STR domain statement can be found at http: Three supporting items should be attached to the e-mail:.

It has been humbling and gratifying to work with so many committed individuals.

2019 Doctoral Consortium

Join us as we discuss STR business, announce award winners, introduce new division leaders, and thank those who have held various positions of STR service. Special thanks to the STR Awards Committee and to the past Division Chairs who helped select the awardees see the end of this Newsletter for the committee names. In addition, STR has been a source of great support and understanding, as fellow STR members often share the triumphs and frustration of crafting high quality theory, using novel methods, and trying to convince Reviewer 2 that their paper is worthy of publication.


These efforts do not have to be limited solely to when we converge for our annual meetings. Candidates are judged by the relevance, academic contribution, theoretical and methodological rigor, and practical implications of their work.

The Irwin Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an established strategy scholar who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Ph. The tracks and chairs for are noted above. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Lisa Cohen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

So where should STR go from here?

Doctoral Consortium

Notify me of follow-up comments. His research examines the relationship between institutions and strategic management, examining in particular how the institutional environment influences both the creation and the appropriation of value deriving from new business opportunities.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Boston, and to hear from others!

His mainstream contributions anticipate the entrepreneurial challenge of growth through labor advantages and reflect the new economy issues ahead. Felipe sits in the editorial board of Academy of Management Review and Strategy Science and serves as associate editor for Organization Science.

aom bps dissertation consortium

I will aim to initiate crowdsourcing efforts to identify new needs and programming formats including interactive online formats. The idea behind the plenary session format is to give division members the possibility with very few other divisional sessions scheduled in parallel to disserttion and discuss an important theme. Conference Track Information The STR program is organized within tracks, to create opportunities for attendees to interact across related sessions, foster the development of research communities, and minimize time conflicts across sessions.

aom bps dissertation consortium