Arrive to class on time. Move about the building in an orderly manner. All absences after the twentieth day excused and unexcused not verified by a M. If the issue is not resolved, the final step would be to have the issue brought to the School Board in the following manner: Fighting or provoking a fight. Level 4 – Major infractions regarding dangerous, threatening, and extreme behaviors.

Any succeeding offenses will result in immediate suspension of riding privileges and the case will be presented to the school board with a request for action by the school board. PLP – Family Connections. Students will deposit all litter in wastebaskets. This card carries many privileges. Box , Madison, WI

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Important notes about the dance: Notification will be made by the school to parents of students who have acquired absences excused and unexcused for the school year totaling all or parts of eleven days, fifteen days and twenty days.

Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with the following procedure: Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.

The following rules exist on all bus routes: The school is not responsible for stolen items. Students only use programs loaded on the computer network.



There is a 20 minute advisory period. A pass must be presented to your classroom teacher to be released. Consequences will be initiated as soon as possible. However, the riding privileges will be suspended for ten days. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the discrimination and harassment policies: Clothing must be appropriate both in printed image and in adequate coverage.

Date changes within the two-day limit must be made by the parent by means gradw a telephone call or note to the office.

School District of Amery Home

Any form of sexual nature is in violation of Board policy. There are four minutes to pass between classes.

Our educational program provides for the continuous progress of students from one grade level to the next grade level annually. Students are encouraged to use the pay phone located at the west entrance.

Homework / Homework

There are three numbers 6yh call depending on the grade level: Computer Lab is open from 8: Hexter 3 and 5 Report Card Information. Recommendations of teachers, guidance, and administration. A request to appear before the Board as an agenda item established at least two weeks in advance of the Board meeting. Immediate Suspension from school.


Every student will be issued a lunch ID number. Copy of Suspension Report mailed home. The purpose of this program honework to foster emotional and social development in students. Transportation must be provided by the student. In addition, the complainant may appeal directly to the State Superintendent if the board has not provided written acknowledgment within 45 days of receipt of the written complaint.

Academic Classes – Those classes which concentrate on the most fundamental of educational skills. Extremely inappropriate behavior toward an adult. Sit in hmoework assigned seat and face forward. Lighting matches, firecrackers, or any flammable object or substance.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Any student who receives a Level 4 slip will not qualify for the semester reward. AMS Student Handbook