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Traffic court was closed Sundays too. He worked on local campaigns and had strong ties to his alderman and state senator. The first step was to find someone willing to be the named plaintiff. A woman named Deborah told Watson she once saw a guard open a young inmate's cell and allow another female inmate in to sexually assault her. About women responded, and the ACLU filed a class-action suit against the city. Its press release said children had described the practice as undignified, leading "to feelings of anger, humiliation and anxiety".
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This is your police state – woman violently strip searched

He took it and began opening its' numerous large pockets; removing the items contained in each. He stared fixedly at the door to the back room, its' blank surface revealing nothing. This was a disorderly conduct claim. The bastard laughed at her discomfort, grinning idiotically, and began sawing his finger in and out of the humiliated woman's tender vagina. Thank God for seniority. He had barely stepped away from the table when a second soldier took his place.
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Without another thought, she grabbed the lower hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head, handing it to the surprised customs officer. If you've got particularly long arm pit hair, they'll have to give it a little rummage through to make sure there's nothing in there. Ann Mia was fortunate that she could only see the men from the waist up. He too was trying to keep his mind blank. The agent pulled the T-shirt through his fingers, his eyes never leaving the partially-clad woman standing passively in front of him.
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My disgusting strip search
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My disgusting strip search
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What My Strip-Search Taught Me about Safety in Israel

My disgusting strip search

Description: They had both been so sure of themselves, not realizing what a dangerous place the world could be. Ann Mia was not totally shocked. But for some reason, the security officials detained me. The thought of what might be happening to his mother behind the closed door, was too painful to contemplate. The soldiers were jabbering happily among themselves in their native language, pointing at her, obviously critiquing her completely exposed charms.

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