Any person having a complaint should contact, in writing: Continue adding courses, as needed. Please explain briefly why you wish to attend the University of the Pacific. Options are based on the time spans you selected in the Colleges Attended section. If you do not submit your updated courses and transcripts in a timely manner, your selected programs may no longer consider you for admission.

Decisions as to final admission into the program and possible assignment to clinical placements may be based upon the information thereby obtained. Work such as that taken in pursuit of a Ph. Your next step is to designate specific courses as study abroad, Advanced Placement, repeated, etc. Be sure to only select courses that are clearly identified as honors on your transcript. If you’re unsure, make your best guess. Accepted applicants are instructed to arrange for their official spring transcripts to be sent directly to PharmCAS as soon as they are available and before the cycle closes on June 28, , unless otherwise instructed by the pharmacy school. Applies to all college- or university-level courses taken prior to your first bachelor’s degree.

The other recommendation may be from anyone you choose, as long as the person is not a family member. Then, click the plus sign next to the advanced placement courseework. Note that earning Latin honors upon graduation does not mean your courses are retroactively considered “Honors.

Then, click the plus sign next to the repeated courses for each college or university you attended.


Submit transcripts and coursework for overseas U. Once done, submit your Fall Academic Update for verification.

PharmCAS is required to include all repeated courses in GPA calculations, regardless of an institution’s or state’s academic forgiveness policies. Select the course subject.

pharmcas coursework instructions

Action Join Pacific Admission on: Online coursework is not acceptable for science requirements or public speaking. Department prefixes and course numbers must precisely match those on your transcripts. For more information, please see the Tiger Lore and the Pacific Guide. International Students You must provide the following documents.

pharmcas coursework instructions

PharmCAS will evaluate transcript waiver requests on a case-by-case basis. You must enter your spring grades before the cycle and Spring AU close on June 28, The institution must be entered in the Colleges Attended section before the transcript can be matched to your application.


If admitted, you will be required to send an official copy of the score report at that time. Then, enter your grades and credits. If your transcript combines lab and lecture courses into one course, list it as one course on your application.

Enter courses under the institution where you originally took the course, exactly as they appear on the original school’s transcript. January 6, Early Decision Deadline for Fall Send through summer if available. If your grades are listed as numbers e.

PharmCAS Transcript Entry – Liaison

Enter the course credits exactly as they appear on phafmcas transcript. Applicants who are unable to obtain an official transcript from cougsework institution due to extenuating circumstances, such as a closed institution, must submit a signed letter of explanation on official letterhead from the appropriate institution or state department of education.


See the Course Credits section below for more details. Processing times vary by registrar and may take longer towards the end of a semester. It is not necessary to send a Transcript Matching Form for each campus.


We require two LOR rating forms. In general, four-year students should list one year per designation and five-year students should list their last two years as senior. Be sure to include courses from which you withdrew, repeated courses, ungraded labs, test credits, gym courses, orientations, or other non-graded courses. Department of Education and uses English as the primary language of instruction and documentation.


For further information about the Doctor of Pharmacy Admissions application process, e-mail Veronica Semler. Applicants for admission to the University are asked to recognize the responsibilities of the Code and to accept its principles.

It is your responsibility to make sure they receive all required documents no later than the final deadline date and by