Of course, there is no way that the researcher can answer any of these ques- tions with certainty, but they should be borne in mind. This chapter describes, with examples, the methods of analysis that are commonly used to summarise and organise the data in a most effective and meaningful way. Is MC more reliable in predicting the build time? For instance, other operatives may add leadership, working environ- ment and the organisation itself. Open questions can, however, present problems. As a result, it is more suited to assembling a mass of information at a minimum expense in terms of finance, human and other resources.

Chapter 6 gives fur- ther details on the pilot study. Creswell identifies some principles to observe about using a theory in the qualitative approach, these are: Quantitative research is an objective measurement of the problem. Volume and Issue Number Journals: S G Naoum Find more information about: The theory becomes a framework for the entire study, an organising model for the research questions or hypotheses and for the data collection procedure Creswell, Please indicate your reaction to each statement by ticking the appropriate cell Job satisfaction factors Strongly Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree agree Disagree nor disagree 1.

Here, you can put in the subject you are looking for and obtain a list of relevant references.

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The E-mail message field is required. This type of measure- ment is another example of interval measurement because it assumes equal intervals between the data on a continuous scale. For example, dissertation respondent may be asked a question on a spe- cialised area, such as: However, time overrun is not determined solely by the size of the project.

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Approaches to data collection — Research strategy — Approaches to data baoum — Secondary data collection — Summary — 5. Does MC provide a better building design? In all cases a sample has to be drawn from its population.


Is MC more reliable in estimating the building cost? Nevertheless, most of these questions have to be asked when collecting primary data as well.

naoum 2013 dissertation

This chapter will review the various approaches to data collection. You need to identify a problem sup- ported by published materialsinvestigate the causes and possible solu- tion.

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When answers to questions are required quickly, the only practical alternative is to consult secondary sources. Each piece of literature needs to have a separate code which will be the same code as in the index sheet.

Checklist This type of question is essentially a list of items, about themselves, an organ- isation or an event, that respondents are offered to mark or tick. Does MC exercise more control over construction tasks? Gowan and Bolton also claim that solicitors have been practising a form of ADR by negotiation — evidenced by the large number of cases settled prior to attending the court — but this is known to occur late in the process where high fees have already been incurred Newman, Primary literature sources Primary literature is the most accurate source of information as it publishes original research.

Write a review Rate this item: According to the statistical definitions, by continuing in this manner we should ultimately get closer and closer to a number which we call the probability of a head in a single toss of the coin. The rest of the columns represent the coded answers to the questions in the questionnaire.


In other words, it is possible for you to conduct a postal questionnaire and a case study, or to conduct interviews in addition to a postal questionnaire, or whatever.

It can take some time to get dissertqtion grips with.

Statistical probability will tell you whether any differences in scores are due to your manipulation of the variables, as predicted by your research hypothesis or, alternatively, whether the differences are only due to chance fluctuations as stated in the null hypothesis. Some types of dispute are suitable only for litigation or arbitration and some disputes may be resolved by negotiation between the parties themselves and do not require the assistance of a third party.

Respondents were asked to rate various factors they con- sider important. Secondary literature sources Secondary literature sources are those that cite from primary sources such as textbooks, and newspaper articles.

What activities occur in each setting? Semantic differential scales Diagrammatic rating scales is another means of measuring intensity of judge- ment and the semantic differential is the most popular form of this type of scaling. Nachmias and Nachmias write: You already recently rated this item.

The rules and techniques that are applied to telephone interview are similar to face-to-face interviews. Both are explained below. There are five main activities involved in undertaking a literature review: Encyclopaedias These give disserttation concise description of the main aspects of a topic.