Do you usually follow your idols in music and showbiz industry online or on social media? Whatever the mainstream media produces, many people would unquestionably jump and ride along with it. According to Hicap , the making of Korean pop music also involves attractive young stars and their unique moves in dancing accompanied with how they dress up. Because of the Korean Pop invasion in the Philippines which influences a lot of Filipino teenagers to patronize K-pop music, it poses threats to the Original Pilipino Music industry in terms of the album sales, organization of local concerts and the worst is, it might be more popular than OPM in the near future. If it wasn’t for the generosity of friends in the dorms and a complete stranger I barely knew, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. It seems logical that nothing, including social trends or time itself, should stand in the way of friendship, but will the genuine value and social mechanism of friendship eventually disappear? Advance thank you po!!!

You are commenting using your Google account. Was it started by a Filipino? It facilitates communication which goes beyond words, enables meanings to be shared, and promotes the development and maintenance of individual, group, cultural, and national identities. Regarding his identity, however, I had no means of verifying his claims. He was doing well in his job.

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Korean ‘Hallyu’ and the Pinoy Invasion. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The two tables are divided into 5 columns. This is more so than ever because of the globalization of the music scene.

Tapos mas takot ngayon mga artist na maging original sa ideya na thesiz sila kikita kaya nali-limit ang kanilang creativity. Retrieved December 2, from http: There were boys I grew up with, working and fishing and chasing about in summer hay fields for amusement.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Julie Ann San Jose Help Center Find new research papers in: I already responded to your email po. If the respondents approved the letter, they would answer the questionnaire automatically.

The Status of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in the 21st Century Youth Subculture

College High School attendees through a two-page questionnaire which were given to those respondents. No, sis, this is for you.

After all, getting as far as we could from the constant bickering thedis all out wars between our parents was one of the reasons we’d both left town. People walk out for different reasons; it may be against their will, or in their favour. At our family home the holidays were always touch and go.

One of the issues about K-pop is the issue about lyrics that picture or refer to sex, social criticism and swearing. Nakikinig pa rin po ako ng radyo ngayon pero pansin theeis nadominate na ng mga English songs yung mga stations pero may iilan pa rin naman na Tagalog.

Comm 2: Research Study [baby thesis]

May I ask for permission to cite your work for the rrl of my study and also, to obtain your full name. In s France, a disdain for American film and a desire to promote cultural production outside Paris led the government to invest in directors like Godard and Truffaut who would constitute the French New Wave.

About Me Krystal View my complete profile. The only reason God created Eve for Adam is because Adam was lonely. In fact in many regions of Asia, notably China, and Japan and almost the entire region of South-East Asia, the popularity of K-Pop has become so extensive that authorities and nationalist fear that it is leading to a xenocentric preference for Korean styles and ideas.


“No to KPOP” and “Yes to OPM”: a very untimely reaction and reflection post | Owl Memoria

Ang and Miranda P. Instead of seeking medical assistance, we swam in taboo, warm, deep water of farm ponds for relief equally from the nettles, stifling mid- August heat, and evening chores. Questionnaires was distributed to these 84 respondents who were dispersed in the four sections of the ABM strand and the remaining unanswered questionnaires to the three sections of HUMSS strand.

My brother seemed proud too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, there are more students who got high scores in the test about South Korean culture and low scores in the test about the Philippine culture than those who got low scores in South Korean culture and high scores in the Philippine culture.

Choose the appropriate letter on the right that corresponds to the personality that holds the given titles on the left.

kpop vs opm thesis

Seoul, Korea Malm, W. Whatever the mainstream media produces, many people would unquestionably jump and ride along with it.

kpop vs opm thesis

The researchers were not able to anticipate that there would be lesser students from the ABM strand to volunteer in answering the actual questionnaires thus resulting to allowing the HUMSS students to answer the remaining survey forms. This organization has a duty to protect and conserve thesia very own kind of music. Loreta Delos Santos, thank you for being a constant support.

kpop vs opm thesis

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