After that, the group looked to him for action. Homer changed a lot from the start of the book. We will write a custom sample essay on Tomorrow When the War Began specifically for you. I couldn’t do anything about it; it didn’t matter anyway. So I tried to give a few hints. Reptile, troublemaker, problem, slob, loud mouth, macho, wild, crazy, immature; Homer Yannos is all of those things. Display posts from previous:

None of us had thought anything about it because it seemed impossible. The programs that Homer makes shows that he has the ability to believe. It wouldn’t be the first time. He was panting, then he added: This is where Homer tells the narrative of concealment in the lavatories to the remainder of the group. I couldn’t do anything about it; it didn’t matter anyway.

The thing about Homer is that he’d known exactly how angry it’d make me yannis he said that, but he couldn’t stop himself. I stood there waiting to be told what to do. In conclusion, Homer is an important character. Thank you Describe an important character. Find Kevin and Corrie?

Homer Yannos

All our lives we’d been competing. For hot-headed Homer this was very cool. Got something to say? Homer throws a coffee mug at the fireplace to get their attention.


It was so rare for him to admit he was wrong about anything that I bit back the joke I was going to make. Often throughout the fresh Homer encourages and motivates everyone when they feel overwhelmed by their state of affairs.

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I was absolutely convinced I was going to die. Fi gets round his defences and Ellie is stunned easay the realisation that she has let one of her best friends trick her for years about who he really is 1. Ellie realises she has let Homer trick her for years as to who he is. What you have to do is to put a bridle on it, rein it in.

homer yannos essay

Proudly Greek and uncontrollably incendiary. The day this started, you hmoer. He became the logical thinker, deciding what move would be best for the group. He is able to deal with pressure and also able yannoos carefully plan things out.

At the beginning, before the war, he would make sexist, offensive remarks and jokes towards females. Ever since they were little kids Homer had been boisterous, at home and at school.

It sees snakes and crocodiles and men with machine guns. It was yahnos to tell in the dim light but I actually thought he looked pale, which is not easy for Homer, being Greek and all. When I put my hand on his forearm I felt he had a thousand volts running through him.


homer yannos essay

I couldn’t do anything about it; it didn’t matter anyway. They are all affected by these two eseay, but for Homer, who had taken a dislike to Robyn, to then have her give her life to save his must have been devastating.

The different relationships Homer has with both Fi and Ellie make him a very interesting character.


As stated in old paragraphs. His response is to revert to the wild and crazy guy and, when the question comes, he decides yahnos the group that they will return to Australia.

Homer Yannos is one of the teenagers that went on the camping trip. I shouted at him.

No, even sometimes me. His arrogance is a shield he uses to avoid facing disappointments.

Homer starts to break. Homer was slightly immature. That was the power of the spoken word. He gave an evil smile.