You could identify a small group who were not quite getting a concept Maths again? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hi, these are really helpful. Talk me through the process of the schools SEN policy. Do you think it is possible?

I think it’s possibly easier to evidence standard 1 this way than by focussing on behaviour. Let me know if I can help in anyway. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Standard 1 is not just about high expectations of behaviour – it’s also about having high expectations for children’s achievement. I put two pieces for each std. This contributor s article.

examples of hlta course work

I am NOT a teacher and so should not be employed as one earning 75p an hour more than my previous post. This site uses cookies. Yes, my password is: Task 4 needs to address these.

examples of hlta course work

Oh that is brilliant. The IEP’s was a hard document to show how the interventions I delivered help them attain these targets It is a role that takes on more responsibility than the “standard” teaching assistant. F3 is usually the best one for covering and evidencing standard 1 – are you planning the lesson yourself? I do a lot of cover work in science, my HOF won’t allow me to do cover elsewheretaking classes to allow the science teachers to attend outside meetings and when they are ill.

The criteria to becoming an HLTA were: Making sure I passed but I needn’t have worried the assessor said some favourable things to the Head.


Anonymous 28 May at How you are meeting them will all become clear on your training days. I am one of two science HLTA specialists in the county, but then our county is not very big! I’ve gathered the schools polices and referenced these in assessments and evidenced them as much as possible to relevant standards Here she gives her advice for writing up the HLTA assessment tasks and collecting portfolio evidence.

I had to take my original Maths and English certificates and a science qualification, plus my marriage certificate to prove I really was literate and numerate!

HLTA – Portfolio of Evidence

Just seems there is no real genuine support and the websites they advise you to look at are so user unfriendly it makes you wonder how anyone has obtained this qualification. My involvement in assessment and recording. You could use a teacher’s plan where every child in your group quickly understood the learning objective Maths? Chubbing fingers on my phone’s keypad. What would you do if a teacher had planned work which was inappropriate for child you’re working with?

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This was so they could explain my role within the school and support my fxamples evidence. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you.


Also, please excuse the errors in the above post. All the paperwork was worth it Have a lovely Christmas. Don’t forget anything not covered can be used by the assessor to ask a question. Any one able to help? Some advice You should include all documents in one file of cm spine example.

I know I can get through it, but I just needed to get things out of my system before I implode jlta 36 standards and a million pieces of paperwork. While you were doing this there were 32 standards to be met, all laid out in a book with examples.

Hi all, Relatively new to posting but just need to get a few things out of my system. I have said it many times that Examplew status requires over 30 standards and teaching a whole class is but one of them. Witness statements should only relate to examples of where you met a particular standard or standards and they must be signed and dated. Always try to find at least one way you woek improve on the activity if repeating it two is even better!