Be the first to comment When Kattbomman came to know this, his blood boiled and he refused to accept the notice and said that this was a conspiracy of the British to deny the rights of the state and to take the Indians into slavery. Then later assuming name as Kattabomman in Tamil and being first one called Adhi Kattabomman in fact it is also called as Kattabommu with their original origin of Telugu. Awards Top Earners New Posts. King Jagaveera Pandiyan, having no heir as successor to his throne, crowned Kattabommu as his successor to his kingdom. Kattabomman accepted the invitation and proceeded to Ramanathapuram with his forces in a mood of celebration. He named the fort as “Panchalamkurichi” in memory of the King Pancha Pandiyan who was grand grand father of the King Jagaveerapandiyan.

We don’t bow down to the foreigners. Do not include your name, “with regards” etc in the comment. Anticipating defeat to Kattabomman’s force they took shelter in the palace of Kolarpatti Zamindar. Thanapathi Pillai was executed and his head perched on a bamboo pole was displayed at Panchalankurichi to demoralise the resisters. He conspired to arrest Kattabomman if the talks failed. This is a strictly moderated site.

The battle between the kattabomman and the British rulers in Tamilnadu The clash between the panchalangurichi ruler kattabomman and the British ruler over the issue of tax collection arised like an uncontrolled blaze. Cinemas of South India: Ln 20 February How do you choose a topic for your college application essay? Knowing Kattabomman’s move, the British planned to get Kattabomman and his men in their trap by conspiracy.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman Biography

They belonged to “Thogalavar” community and were skilled fighters who fight until their last breath. The Nayak rule in Madurai which controlled the entire West Tamil Nadu after two centuries came to an abrupt end in when Chanda Sahib of Arcot kattabomnan the Madurai throne from the last queen of Madurai in an act of treason.


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Kattabomman refused to meet the Collector and a fight broke out. They lured them to great business and made them debtors.

Is there any generation to veera pandiya kattabomman? Kattabomman did not yield to his order. Aarthy Ravichandran, Thanks for raising a good query. Directory of Indian film-makers and films.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman

Initially they verapandiya to Tamilnadu for undertaking their business but at the lapse of time they began capturing the nearby territories by making in-debt of small king like rulers.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman was crowned in his thirtieth year on 2nd February and effectively ruled the area which encompassed 96 villages divided into 6 Divisions. The early history of ancestors of Veerapandiya Kattamomman in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu.

Kattabomman neglected the requests over the settlement of the issue of British and strictly sticked with his view of non payment of tax collection to the Veerapanviya people.

National Heros of India: Veerapandya Kattabomman

Kattabomman took the pledge to oppose the British move. When the British got the information about their hide out, they ordered the king of Pudukottai to trace them and hand them over to the British, else face the similar consequences as Kattabomman.

On the last day of war Kattabomman was injured and he was taken away by his aides from Panchalamkurichi.

essay on veerapandiya kattabomman

Manjunatha Chikkanna, The film Veerapandiya Kattabomman vferapandiya released in the years between 19 60 and Natural History and Control of Tuberculosis This article describes about the history of Tuberculosis, its signs and symptoms and how Tuberculosis can be treated and also prevented. Govindaraja Perumal and Smt G. However, the British were very successful in influencing most of the petty rulers and gained their confidence who in turn supported the British and started advising Kattabomman to give up his ideas of opposing the British.


essay on veerapandiya kattabomman

In his Tinnevelly Gazetteer ofH. The Nawab of Arcot who had borrowed huge sums of money from the East India Company gave them the right to collect taxes and levies from the southern region in lieu of the money he veerapandiay borrowed. In being of years of his hang, the government has brought with a essat stamp is one of verapandiya recognition to his brave.

The brave Kattabomman said, ” We are the sons of this soil. The British army faced strong resistance from the Kattabomman army and had to with draw its forces. However, the British higher authority suggested to Jackson to call Kattabomman for a formal talk.

Thanarajulu Naidu 21 Jan I got to know that one of his sons had lived in Malaysia and he has passed away. Kattabomman had able Generals called “Vellaiathevan” and “Sundaralingam”.

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This is a strictly moderated site. Since sworn in as a king of panchalangurichi he worked hard for his kingdom. Kattabomman was a great lover of music and art. In his ruling the people of panchalangurichi were so happy and prosperous.