Nonetheless, according to Domingo et al. Im mobilities from the domestic and care sector I left my political career because I realized what it means politics: A comprehensive collaboration between different projects has been envisaged. In the case of migrant Romanian women working in the domestic and care sector, they emerge from their structural location as perceived inferior women, low wage workers, highly educated, and members of the secondary tier of the transnational workforce in global restructuring.

Even dogs are treated better and have more rights than many immigrants, humans! In summary, even though the institutional framework, regarding paid domestic and care work, represents an extension of social citizenship, it implies at the same time many exclusionary effects. But at the same time, all women shared a kind of surprise or shock regarding their first contact with the Spanish labour market as Alexandra and Ica argued in the group discussion: EU Funds and Institutional Support They did a super long interview with me.

This actually did not affect the fact of finding quickly a job, as it took them between one or two months to start working.

The boss, the same one I had for the past three years, began to mistreat me psychologically. However in many cases, even the family relatives, they were a source of conflicts, labour competition or jealousies: One of the participants arrived inthree intwo intwo in and one in Andra also described her family situation as: Although it might slightly be part of another section of the chapter, I include the previous work harassment testimony in this section.

I just thought a mother of a three years old kid does not care so much on the language but on how is he taken care. I told her that if they would have told me that this was going to saskiia so long, I could have sorted the retirement from Romania much earlier to foster the process instead of waiting so long.


Thus, their participation might have been however influenced by the fact that they might have known already what I was doing dissertatioj.

In expert panels and presentations of scientific findings, the participants discussed new concepts and shared ideas on environmental management systems, automatisation, economical and political impacts, knowledge exchange and education. It became possible entering Schengen countries without applying for a tourist sasskia with a maximum stay of three months and without any working allowance Marcu, ; Pajares, Martin Smuts is conducting his PhD in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

They did a super long interview with me. During the project meeting from November 30th to December 5ththe curriculum, as well as the selection criteria for awarding scholarships were defined, and the cooperation agreement and marketing strategy were drawn up. According to the research on the education and occupational sectors of women immigrants in Spain, Molpeceres My choices were limited to cleaning and taking care of children and old people, and my small savings were getting to an end and the need for financial support was hustling.

For instance, in the Spanish case, paid domestic and care work is still not recognized as equal to other forms of paid work and has still a lot to strive Peterson, Log In Sign Up. In this second part of the chapter, two main aspects are going to be analysed with more attention as an outcome of those attitudes and aspirations: They also mentioned that if the Romanians from the second or third generation in Spain could not find a job, it is because Spanish people themselves cannot find a job.


sasskia The children of the other participant stayed in Romania. By answering the research questions I aim to visibilize the influences and consequences that the institutional processes have on the Romanian qualified women in the Spanish labour market.

In the end, it helps to place the findings within the academic debate, thus contributes to knowledge production. Throughout their narratives, it is possible saskiq perceive disparities regarding their expectations and attitudes towards their jobs or first steps in the labour market. The meeting allowed all actors within the project to discuss their individual development and find overlaps with other members.


— Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Hence without forgetting the general precarious conditions that tend to characterise these jobs. Summing briefly up, all women arrived to Spain with saska legal status, either as irregular migrants or as irregular workers.

In the Spanish context, it is possible to say that Romanians have the standard EU legal status sincesomething relatively recent.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

Therefore, on the first day I handed a short personal introduction and a research presentation and asked already for participants according to the requirements see Annex I. Since the very beginning, I explained who I was and what and why I was dissetration this. Mostly because I was not accepting it myself, further because I was kind of ashamed of disappointing my parents after doing such a great effort investing in my education. Therefore, informal conversations and five tape recorded semi-structured interviews sas,ia conducted with specific open ended questions according to their expertise field and relation with the field topic.

InPSOE, the Socialist Government, modified for the first time this legislation and established to offer job contracts and pay the social security costs to anyone who hire a private domestic or care worker Peterson, Remittances and the international economic crisis appeared as the most influential categories.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

Funded are 8 doctoral students and 1 postdoctoral position.