You dismissed this ad. Attendance to labs is optional but strongly encouraged. Studying for the GRE? First semester course only so it’s now two semesters? Is this Harvard course cs still valid with recent developments? HW0 is designed to test your knowledge on the prerequisites.

For dates see the Course Calendar. There will be an initial self-assessment homework called HW0 and 8 more graded homework assignments. Lectures and labs are supplemented by 1 hour sections led by teaching fellows. However, when it came time to do anything more interesting than plotting data, the course was very shallow many homework assignments boiled down to “fill in this space with a function that takes this as input and outputs that”. No homework will be submitted more than 48 hours late. Quizzes will be taken at the end of class and the material will be based on what was discussed in lecture.

Post the question in Piazza and hopefully your peers will answer. Two lab sessions with identical cs1099 are held Thur 4: There will be one midterm take-home to be done individually see Calendar for dates.

Attendance to labs is optional but strongly encouraged.

Learn the fundamental skills that can help guide you down a new path of success in an exciting field. Late minutes count as a whole day, e. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.


Welcome to CS109: Data Science

To add some comments, click the “Edit” link at the top. You are allowed up to 6 days of late homework submissions, maximum of 2 days on any single assignment, no questions asked. Course Components Lectures The class consists of two weekly lectures and one lab, which is designed as a class activity.

There are two types of sections: For questions about homework, course content, package installation, JupyterHub, and after hxrvard have tried to troubleshoot yourselves, the process to get help is: I completed CS course from Harvard, which other courses other than CS shall I take for a career as a data scientist?

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I ran into this problem a few months ago. How deep does your stats knowledge need to be to understand this? I imagine it worked well for managing the homeworks It enables access to great courses and if you do well and are in a degree program you can get special student status opening up the college and grad school class listings. If still unhappy with the initial response, then submit a reason via email to the Helpline with subject line “Regrade HW1: Lectures will be recorded and made available real time for DCE students and 24 hours later for in-campus students via Canvas.

Syllabus for COMPSCI A: Data Science 1: Introduction to Data Science

As someone who already had a background in python, I didn’t feel I learned as much. CS Homework and Labs.


cs109 harvard 2015 homework

Note that in Piazza questions are visible to everyone. Mon and Wed 1: Unfortunately, the material from the course are several years old and they stopped updating it.

I took this class init’s a great class. The class consists of two weekly lectures and one lab, which is designed as a ce109 activity.

cs109 harvard 2015 homework

Approximately how much time did doing Harvards CS take, especially for people who did it online on their own? They are held Mon and Wed 1: Answered Jan 7, I recommend watching the lecture videos and solving the homeworks.

cs109 harvard 2015 homework

The TFs monitor the posts but homeaork respond no earlier than 24 hours from the posting time. I think it is far more comprehensive, based on being a student in the one semester version and thrice a TF in the two semester version. How do I access the problem sets from Harvard CS? F or personal matters send an email to the instructors.

I had knowledge of basic statistics and it worked fine for me though I had some math education before the course.