And 20 years of negotiations must go back to the drawing board. The kind of career I have here as a freelancer moving between different SAP solution providers would not have been possible back home. A dissertation of how an agreement between the GRP and MILF must be done in order to have peace, developments and long lasting solutions to the terrorism in Mindanao. That is why I left the legal aspect outside and looked only at the contents. Lest you make a mistake of including the lumads as bangsamoro, Section 2 explicitly exludes them. There is a big question now, on why the Aquino government maintained Malaysia as a “third party” in the ongoing process of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Again I do not want to do all the work here, thank you! The beauty of democracy is that, even though such rulings might shift the rules left or right, if they go too far in any direction, they are usually brought back to center. New Durian Cinema, Online version: Those who have proven that they are good workers may be flown in for jobs like rollouts or local support. The simplest moral constitution was what Moses brought down from the mountain, with only ten articles understandable to his unruly masa that were dancing around the Golden Calf. Outside the islands, warring will likely continue because the security will not exist for economic revival. I also wanted to leave my opinion of the Peace Summit members out of the objective analysis.

I wrote on that above as well, tax share etc.

On the Bangsamoro Basic Law

Under no circumstances should you engage him in any form of basketball! As long as the idea of an independent islamic state in mindanao is alive, the hydra basiv moro insurgency will just sprout a new head. Aside from political reasons find out why it was declared unconstitutional all opinions esecially the dissenting opinions. But eventually our province was slowly transformed because of economic growth that was probably due to better highways and a statekent number of OFWs.


April 4, at 5: Take Sharia, for example. Better the true indigenous peoples and the Muslims havw an equal share in the negotiations.

If had anything to decide, I would theoretically even make a deal like that part of the price for Bangsamoro autonomy. If bangsamorp legal framework is accepted then there should be NO opposition as such to the creation of an autonomous region for Filipino Muslims.

Bangsamoro Basic Law Research Papers –

March 29, at 9: This in conjunction with rearmament and expansion in Mindanao is a big statemenf. They will write a report that will be made public, so that everyone may be informed, and so that more of our countrymen may understand the matter.

But people like Manny Villar happen more over here. March 30, at 9: This is a great hope and important for the future.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

And for each type of Sharia there statemdnt different interpretations influenced by local tradition and tribal customs. The Poles and Russians did not want Germany to have the possibility to annex parts of Poland and Russia that were formerly German by migrating and then making referendums.

But I take care not to go too far south too soon and always know where the equator is. IP rights are the most dangerous aspect of the business, even more than liability clauses.


March 30, at 2: Who do you think will fire the first shots? Inuulit namin ang naipahayag na noong ng mga pangulo ng atatement Ateneo nang unang talakayin ang BBL sa Senado: Similar to some rulers who forced nobility from restive parts of the country Sultan of Sulu comes to thesia to move to the capital almost like hostages.

I believe I should. March 31, at 4: Why are there so many Muslims in Taguig?

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

The factoids about Belgium in your exchange in the other blog makes me want to list that trip in my bucket list. Lourdes Sereno, now SC Chief, three justices who I look up to for their principles and clarity of analysis.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

This is even less expensive compared to what the government would spend in years to come for the military artillery and compensation. The larger groups will have representatives in the parliament. To me, this smacks of favoritism, of religious nepotism as already practiced by the INC or so I am told. To what degree will the autonomous region be self-governing within the three branches of government executive, legislative, judicial and the independent commissions?

March 30, at 6: I think the hauteur of Muslims lies in the glory they once achieved. It is a distinct possibility that Christians may be oppressed in Bangsamoro, given historical resentments.

Sa Isyu pa rin ng Bangsamoro Basic Law