However, in Madagascar the situation is slightly different as it would be impossible to apply a lot of elements characteristic for Polish culture to the film so deeply rooted in American culture. However it may happen that a product or brand is present on the TC market Example 2. This shall be treated as a compensation for the previous or potential losses and is supposed to make up the audience for the incomplete perception of the whole. Following this definition, an overt translation makes it clear that a translation is only a version rendered from the original. The more distance exists between the two cultures the more difficult the task of the translator is.

As it was already stated, this simply comes from a fact that the film is deeply rooted in American culture therefore there is a lot of references to American history, culture or customs specific for this particular country. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. Nedergaard-Larsen, analogically to the Bulgarian researchers, divided the main categories of realia into the following subcategories table 2: The reason for such dichotomy has its explanation in the beginnings of the two modes as they originated from two opposite types of cultural and political systems. What is also important, dubbing allows the audience to watch a production without the necessity to follow an additional text of translation appearing on the screen and interrupting reception as it happens in the case of subtitling this attribute favors especially children, illiterates and elderly people with sight deficiencies what in turn minimalizes the audience’s cognitive effort.

Following this definition, an overt translation makes it clear that a translation is only a version rendered from the original. Nie znam kontekstu, ale uzylabym po prostu slowa dissertation.

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However, due to the fact that it is a dubbed film the potential changes shall not be visible for an average viewer. Example 5 You hit the Chrysler Building, you’ve gone too far. Living abroad Tips and Hacks for Living Abroad Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country.


However, as Tomaszkiewicz points out, this procedure is sometimes considered as overtranslation thus translation error. Moreover, House points out that due to ‘the dynamic nature’ of cultural filters, they are not fixed in time and space thus they can undergo modifications over decades ibid: Madagascar as a dubbed film A History of Translation, London: Needless to say, this tendency was not a complete innovation.

Tak w nawiasie, oni uznaja BA HOns za odpowiednika polskiego magistra. Sport In the film appear a few references to sport Examples 12 and In the former example a phrase the Big Apple appears.

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Therefore, translating cultural aspects, not only into Polish culture but in fact into any other culture, may occur to be extremely challenging. Spalding is a sporting goods company founded by in Chicago, Illinois in the United Stated in and now headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

This shows how carefully a process of translating cultural aspects has to be conducted. It is, similarly to Leppihalme’s understanding, a direct transfer of the SL item to the TL sometimes with small alterations e.

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Teresa Tomaszkiewicz and cultural elements transfer Interestingly, the periphrasis is used already in TT and it describes an aspect of the target culture. These two basic translation strategies provide both linguistic and cultural guidance for translators.

Example 14 I just wanna dunk him in my coffee.

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This circumstance causes thewis lot of difficulty as in some situations it becomes almost impossible to substitute a cultural aspect of the source culture SC which may not be understood by the target audience by something that shall evoke a similar effect in the target culture TC. What is interesting, even though they usually differ in terms of the suggested terminology, the typologies seem to overlap when it comes to their central concepts. Translating cultural aspects in an animated dubbed film Madagascar Remember me on this computer.

On the other hand it is important to mention that a translation too dynamic can be far more dangerous as it can be traced only by comparing the source and target texts Hejwowski Ha two notions deal with linguistic and cultural distance of the SL and the TL.


Of course, they may be recognized by other cultures but they may as well even not exist in the collective awareness of others. The best summary of this observations is the passage from Antje Ascheid’s article Speaking Tongues: Interestingly, the cultural substitute does not come from TC but is in fact adapted also from SC, namely it is an aspect of American culture.

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Furthermore, in the following example Example 8 to evoke similar connotations as the original did, the translator substituted a name of a country — Canada was tlumavzenie into Switzerland. Despite the fact that tlumaczwnie of the listed tlumacczenie contains any cultural aspect in the original, there are references to the TC in the target text. However, thanks to the specificity of animated dubbed films the audience will not be able to see eventual changes therefore it is not crucial to retain all cultural references and it is more appropriate to domesticate the dialogues.

Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City and in Poland it is usually associated with being one of the worst districts of New York City thus the initial message was retained due to the change of toponym.

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Interview by Grzegorz Wojtowicz. The next two examples Examples 5 and 6 illustrate typical for animated dubbed films shifts of meaning which, as it was already established in the previous chapter, are a characteristic feature of such productions. In this tlumcazenie an additional information about the plot is needed: