In Ritzema was named general manager of the Daily News. In this essay, Gardiner comments on the popular custom of shaking hands. What may be pleasing to one person may not be pleasing to another. On Shaking Hands A. Half a Rupee worth–R. I write this blog to instill that passion in you. An unkind and possibly unfair judgement will be made.

Gardiner is a popular essayist. Retrieved 28 February On Shaking Hands A. West conducted an extensive research and experiments on the problems of teaching English as a foreign language in India. In other projects Wikiquote.

Alfred George Gardiner

Gardiner compares the custom of shaking hands with other customs. It is a symbol of courtesy. This may be important as by placing the spotlight on Western society Gardiner may be suggesting that society in general esxay limited in how it deals with engaging with another person. The choice soon proved a great success; hznds Gardiner’s direction, it became one of the leading liberal journals its day, as he improved its coverage of both the news and literary matters while crusading against social injustices.

Yet while circulation rose from 80, when he joined the paper toesasy andwith the introduction of a Manchester edition inthe paper continued to run at a loss. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. People in the world have their own forms of greetings.


English for Undergraduate students: On Shaking Hands

Which may leave some readers to suspect that Gardiner himself is no more than an instrument of Western society and that society shaklng is at fault with its inability to change or engage with the practices of other cultures.

West conducted an extensive research and experiments on the problems of teaching English as a foreign language in India.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you lend your hand to him, he will crush. Judging a person based solely on the quality of their handshake. Retrieved 24 September From he contributed to The Star under the pseudonym Alpha of the Plough. Hannds then mentions few of the examples of salutation worldwide.

Gardiner 22 Feb Dermot A.

ag gardiner essay on shaking hands

None of these greetings appear to be problematic to the cultures concerned. Your email address will not be published. Thus he lagged far behind his parents and got lost in the crowd of the fair. Even an act of Parliament cannot prevent the English people from shaking hands.

Critical Commentary on A. On Shaking Hands A. What is also interesting about the essya is how irritable some handshakes can be for Gardiner. There are many wrong ways to do so. We often refer to thes Gardiner – On Saying Please”. Gardiner we have the theme of civility, conflict, change, perception and choice.


Generally we shake hands when we meet or part. His essays are humorous and thoughtful. Something that Gardiner expresses clearly in his essay.

ag gardiner essay on shaking hands

In this essay, Gardiner comments on the p We too have grown up as an accepted part of our multicultural neighborhood in the world. He humorously elaborates on the custom of kissing which is prominent in Russia. The Russians have the ability to kiss one another on the cheek.

Should it not match their own or be in tandem with gadiner they shake hands.

West approached the problem of teaching English not from the standpoint of pedagogy, but from the standpoint of social needs of the Indian people.

Perhaps the real problem for esaay who shake hands is the fact that there is so much choice or so many different ways to do so.