Northern and Aboriginal Health. Cultural re-centring model knowlEDGE. Saskatchewan was found to be the only province to not have developed a healthy aging strategy. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. This can lead to misdiagnosis or underdiagnoses.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Based on the study, McRae, who is also a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, found that women with low-incomes experienced fewer birth complications when receiving prenatal care from midwives compared to physicians. Over the course of their work so far, the group has produced a number of documents that have helped shed light on the nature and extent of social isolation of older adults in the province, including: Skip to global menu. Return to primary navigation. A UVic chemist is in Ottawa today to talk to parliamentarians and senior government officials about her innovative approach to early concussion diagnosis. For the full published study, find it on the BMJ Open website.

Return to primary navigation. Hastings and his commitment to and belief in students as the future of public health in Canada. Further information is available at www. October 24, – Vimala Jeevanandam.

Doctoral candidate presents in Ottawa on concussions

By taking into account what already exists, this publication can help provide a foundation for future planning to support older adults in rural communities and beyond. Skip to primary navigation.

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Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. For the full published study, ninute it on the BMJ Open website. The trip is part of an effort by Universities Canada to emphasize the importance of funding fundamental science by providing examples of research that matter to Canadians and people around the world.


She is one of leaders from across the country selected to participate in a unique initiative to advance gender equality. The hope being that collaboration amongst these kinds of interventions can magnify and increase their impact.

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In people suffering from jinute or mild traumatic brain injury, tau is abnormally deposited in high amounts throughout their brain, killing healthy brain cells. Fortunately, Dash is no stranger to public speaking. Nuelle Novik, and Dr.

A UVic chemist is in Ottawa today to talk to parliamentarians and senior government officials about her innovative approach to early concussion diagnosis.

Aging Well on the Prairies – Community Connections event In the spring of the team, along with the partner organizations, will host a Community-Policy Maker Summit to discuss the results of the evaluation and steps for future policy action in this area. The award is named after Dr. Yet correct diagnosis can be a matter of life-and-death when it comes to concussion. Skip to page content. Renewable energy pathways knowlEDGE. Collective impact evaluation logic model 2.

SK Community Perspectives Survey 4. Each organization is conducting one or more projects that address social isolation of older adults.

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History of Health Thesia. This can lead to misdiagnosis or underdiagnoses. In this section home future students graduate uvic news.

Northern and Aboriginal Health. With funding from the New Horizons for Seniors program through Employment and Social Development Canada, SPHERU, has been collaborating with provincial agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of programs to reduce social isolation experienced by older adults in Saskatchewan.


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SK Seniors Impact Survey 3. Concussion patients don’t have consistent symptoms, and the injury is often invisible on standard brain scans. SPHERU engages in population health research — the study of social factors contributing to the well-being of ninute groups within the population.

Guiding the work of teh collective is the Saskatchewan Impact Plan, outlining the goals and outcomes for each organization’s RISC projects. SinceSPHERU has established itself as a leader in cutting edge population health research that not only looks at what and the why of health inequities -— but also how to address these and take action.

Graduate training program in One Health

The same piece was also picked up by The National Post. While in Ottawa, Dash will be on a panel presenting on the details and impact of her research to select parliamentarians and senior government officials.

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